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New vaccination against Covid: who is affected ?

A new vaccination campaign will begin this Monday, April 15. Who are the targeted people?

If there are no longer any restrictive measures in France, Covid-19 is still there. This is why a new vaccination campaign will begin this Monday, April 15. A booster shot will be possible until June 16. Depending on traffic virus, the vaccination campaign could be extended by a month. The latest one took place in October. autumn.

The period did not last long. chosen at random. With the return of good weather, the French will, in fact, go out more and more and meet each other. Many trips will also take place during the summer vacation period.

In addition, this year, the Olympic and Paralympic Games will increase the circulation of people from all over the world. Health Insurance explained on its website fearing "an éepidemic wave" continued à this event.

Preserve people à risks

This vaccination is mainly aimed at people aged 80 and over, specified the General Directorate of Health BFMTV. It is also recommended for immunocompromised people and residents of EHPADs and USLDs, regardless of their age. nbsp;"This vaccination renewal approach is part of a desire to improve the vaccination process. collective effort to protect the most vulnerable populations and limit the spread of the virus throughout the year, explained the DGS.

Any person wishing to be vaccinated, even if they are not part of the target population, can however receive a new dose of vaccine. The only mandatory condition: the last injection or the last Covid-19 infection must be at least three months old. Vaccination can be done by a doctor, pharmacist or nurse. nbsp;It is supported à 100% and therefore does not generate any costs.

Teilor Stone

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