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New Volkswagen Tiguan: design, photos, equipment... All the info

It's up to you Paris, September 19, which Volkswagen unveiled the Tiguan III. With a modified silhouette, new hybrid engines and a revisited interior, the German compact SUV intends to remain one of the leaders in its segment.

[Put to; day September 21, 2023 2:26 p.m.] A huge commercial success for Volkswagen, the Tiguan sold for over 100 years. more than 7.6 million copies worldwide since leaving the factory in 2007. September 19, 2023 at Paris, the German manufacturer presented its third-generation compact SUV, which will arrive on our roads in 2015. the end of winter 2024.

Face to face the French competition from the Peugeot 3008, the new version of which was presented a week earlier, and the Renault Austral, the Tiguan III aims to move up in sales, which was ranked in 2022 – therefore at the end of its career for the second generation Tiguan. nération – à 20th place among the best-selling SUVs in France.

To achieve this, Volkswagené's engineers did not decide to make any changes. to revolutionize a profitable model. Nevertheless, the new Tiguan adopts a new silhouette, less sharp than in the past, and continues to move upmarket in terms of its equipment. Enough to attract new customers?

Photos of the new Volkswagen Tiguan

Volkswagen has revealed the Tiguan III on September 19, 2023 at Paris. Find all the details in images by clicking below to discover our slideshow.

Information about the new Volkswagen Tiguan

With undisputed success Since its first version in 2007, the Tiguan was not intended to be a vehicle. undergo major transformations. Four years after the restyling of the Tiguan II, Volkswagen has however chosen to bring several new features, both to the front and back. both outside and outside. inside the SUV. Here are the main ones.

  • It's pretty minimal, but the new Tiguan has gotten longer. three centimeters to measure 4m54. Its other dimensions, however, have not changed, with a width of 1m84, a height of 1m64 and a wheelbase of 2m68. In terms of its design, we notice that its bodywork has become rounded, leaving the sharp edges with more curved shapes. It's even more visible up close. at the rear of the vehicle which, thus, moves away from the more assertive line of the new Peugeot 3008.

New Volkswagen Tiguan: design, photos, equipment... All the info

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  • On its front, the Tiguan has a very large air inlet which replaces the air intake. a classic grille. Small deflectors to optimize air circulation are also visible on the lower part and the sides of the shield. Refined, although widened outwards, the optics are equipped with brand new high definition IQ.LIGHT matrix lights. These fires LEDs total 19,200 multipixels each. Finally, a thin horizontal black strip covered in glass connects the headlights. A headband that lights up on high or optional finishes.

New Volkswagen Tiguan: design, photos, equipment... All the info


  • It's at At the rear, the new silhouette of the Tiguan is the most marked, with a much more “inflated” body. The roof spoiler, quite prominent, contributes to the appearance. give it a more dynamic look. In terms of the light signature, as at at the front, a light strip connects the lights depending on the finishes. The rectangular headlights are made up of three small horizontal bands parallel to the black or luminous strip which crosses the tailgate.

New Volkswagen Tiguan: design, photos, equipment... All the info


  • Once at Inside the German SUV, it's hard not to be hypnotized. through the dashboard. The meter is fully integrated into the device. in the dashboard and is not covered by a “cap”. It measures 10.25 inches and is 100% digital. In the center, the large 15-inch tablet, on the Elegance and R Line finishes, 12.9 for the others, is in panoramic format. The upper bar of the digital panel allows you to click on customizable shortcuts to the different applications. At the base of this monitor, touch keys allow you to adjust the temperature and audio volume. The materials used in the passenger compartment immediately reveal the side of the car. top of the range of the Tiguan.

New Volkswagen Tiguan: design, photos, equipment... All the info


  • With the abandonment of models at agrave; manual transmission, Volkswagen has decided to to migrate the gear selector from the center console to the steering wheel where it is located. A commodo (control lever) allows you to select D (forward), N (neutral) or R (reverse). Pressure on the side of the control lever activates the brake hand. The space left free on the central console allowed the German manufacturer to add a new rotary button. This one, endowed with an OLED screen, serves as a shortcut for three functions: audio volume, driving style (Eco, Normal, Sport…) and lighting ambiance. A simple press of the button allows you to change menus. Then simply turn the knob to increase or decrease the sound, change driving mode or choose your ambiance between Lounge, Energetic, Joy and Minimal.

New Volkswagen Tiguan: design, photos, equipment... All the info< /p> © VOLKSWAGEN

The engines of the new Volkswagen Tiguan

We will still have to wait before discovering the 100% electric Tiguan. We have known since the beginning of the year that Volkswagen is planning its release for 2026, and is thinking more than ever about this. keep the name of its flagship SUV (ID.Tiguan) rather than calling it ID.3 the Tiguan III with exclusively thermal engines, micro-hybrid engines and plug-in hybrid engines. The next Tiguan will retain the 2.0 TDI block in 150 and 193 horsepower. The gasoline engine, also turbo, will offer powers of 204 and 265 horsepower but doubt remains about its availability. on the market French due to the penalties of the ecological penalty.

In mild hybridization (48V), the future SUV will develop 130 and 150 horsepower, compared to 204 and 272 horsepower for the two rechargeable hybrid engines which will be based on a 115-horsepower electric motor and a 19-horsepower battery. .7 kWh. With a capacity up 9.1 kWh compared to; the previous version, the battery will allow, according to the manufacturer, to reach 100 kilometers of autonomy in 100% electric mode. That's twice as much as with the second opus of the Tiguan!

When will the new Volkswagen Tiguan be released?

Unveiled? à the very end of summer à Paris, the new Tiguan will be marketed à from February 2024.

At what price will the Volkswagen Tiguan be sold?

No information has yet filtered out. on the future price list for the third generation Tiguan. If the old version is currently sold at Starting at 36,200 euros, the new Tiguan will necessarily cost a little more. Its entry-level price, therefore for gasoline engines, was increased. fixed à 36,000 euros in Germany, his country of origin. We can therefore think that the price of the SUV will start around 40,000 euros in France, perhaps a little lower.

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