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New yellow La Poste trucks are arriving in several departments: for which services ?

La Poste is innovating with the appearance of traveling yellow trucks which will be able to offer the same services as post offices. An initiative to fight against territorial disparities.

Going to a post office is not always easy, especially at times. due to schedules or the distance between the nearest establishment and their home. This is why La Poste is testing a new concept: traveling office trucks. The general director of consumer and digital affairs at La Poste , Nathalie Collin, announced à Ouest-France the launch of this experiment with yellow vehicles which will settle for half a year day in village squares. There will initially be five on the roads of France. The device was é inaugurated this Friday April 19, 2024 in Orne.

The objective is to fight against territorial disparities. If La Poste ensures a presence at 97% of the population, less than five kilometers or twenty minutes by car, departmental disparities are still perceptible. While certain areas, such as the Paris region, easily reach 100% on this criterion, the Gers, Lozère and even the Meuse are below 90 %. This test also aims à substitute &agrav; the opening of new post offices where the flow would be too low by û to the too few inhabitants in the surrounding area.

In these yellow trucks measuring 9 square meters, adorned with the slogan “La Poste comes” your meeting", the postman will be able to receive the customers. The latter will find all the usual services: purchase of stamps and postal products, depositô telephony of letters and parcels, access to mobile telephone offers, banking operations with the Postal Bank… ;Payments can be made by credit card and in cash. These mobile offices will also be outposts of France services operations (taxes, health insurance, family allowances, employment, etc.). One of the trucks will even act as a distributor during this test: an additional postman will be present for security. The truck will be open for three hours either in the morning or in the afternoon. 

Who is concerned? ? 

In total, forty municipalities will see the trucks pass, or 13,000 inhabitants. Small villages in five departments are targeted. From April 23, trucks will be in La Creuse (&Vareilles,  Saint-Priest-la-Plaine, Peyrat-la-Nonière, Saint-Frion, Toulx-Sainte-Croix, Nouhant, Saint-Pierre-Bellevu,  nbsp;Fransèches and La Saunière), in Orne (à Ménil-Hubert-en-Exmes, La Fresnaie Fayel,&nbsp ;Aubry-le-Panthou, Champosoult, Neuville-sur-Touques, Orgères, Croisilles, Mont-Ormel,  ;Le Sap-Andre) and in Haute-Marne (à Heuilley-le-Grand, Saint-Maurice, Noidant-le-Rocheux, Marac and Leuchey). 

From April 27 will be added Le Gers (à Pessoulens, Encausse, Saint-Sauvy, Pessan, Le Brouilh- Monbert, Saint-Jean-le- Comtal, Gimbrède, Castéra-Lectourois, Roquelaure) and the Jura (Column, Ch& acirc;teau-Chalon, L'Étoile, Etival, Mesnois, La Chailleuse, Frébuans, Cressia).& ;nbsp;

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