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Nikki Haley withdraws from US presidential race, but refuses to support Donald Trump

Donald Trump's latest rival in the Republican primary has thrown out a new challenge. the sponge this Wednesday, after his defeat on Super Tuesday. Nikki Haley has not, however, announced; that she rallied à the cause of the billionaire…

The day after Super Tuesday, marked by the expected victory of Donald Trump in 14 of the 15 states that voted, and after a silence that was noticeable to say the least, Nikki Haley was finally expressed this Wednesday, March 6. Only candidate à the Republican primary still in the running against former American President Donald Trump, the one who was ambassador of the United States   the UN announced that she was abandoning the race.

"The time has come to suspend my campaign", declared  Nikki Haley at her press conference. I said I wanted Americans to make their voices heard. That's what I did. “I have no regrets,” he added. the 52-year-old candidate who is nonetheless assured of her success. that, even if she was no longer a candidate, she would not stop using [her] voice to defend the things that ;nbsp;[she] believes[t]".

While from now on the race the White House is being played out between the two candidates of the last American presidential election, with Joe Biden for the Democrats and Donald Trump for the Republicans, & ;nbsp;despite Nikki Haley did not announce her withdrawal that she lined up behind the latter. "It now belongs à Donald Trump deserves the votes of those within our party and beyond who did not support him, she argued. Affirming to have always been é "a conservative Republican" and having "always supported the Republican candidate", Nikki Haley decidedé to make an exception. "Margaret Thatcher gaveé good advice by declaring that one should never follow the crowd, but always form one's own opinion,” said the one who saw herself as a candidate of the "new generation" face to face; an older Donald Trump 77 years old. A well-felt pike à destination of the billionaire. And Nikki Haley tackles: "Politics is   rally people à your cause, and not à divert them."

Teilor Stone

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