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Now is the perfect time to replace your car's winter tires with summer tires

It’s à This time of year it makes sense to replace your car's winter tires with summer tires.

Every season has its own tires. Even if the "4 season" offer a good compromise, many motorists travel with cars shod with winter tires and summer tires. that it is strongly recommended to be interchanged twice a year. Yes, but when ? Unlike à Their name is not just before winter and just before summer. that it is recommended to fit these specific tires on your vehicle. Summer tires and winter tires are designed to meet your needs. different driving conditions and are suitable for different driving conditions. temperatures and different types of surfaces.

Summer tires are developed for use in warmer temperature conditions, typically above 7°C. vs. Their rubber is optimizedé for maximum grip on dry and wet roads during the hot months. Winter tires are as for à They are specially manufactured for use in cold, snowy and icy conditions, generally below 7°C. vs. Their rubber composition is formulated to remain flexible and flexible. lower temperatures, which provides better grip on slippery surfaces. The tread pattern in the tire is deeper than that of summer tires, providing better traction and braking performance.

Rather than a specific date – even if the Mountain law in force in 34 French departments strongly encourages motorists to avoid driving. driving with winter tires from November 1st to March 31st -, it's therefore more affordable. The outside temperature that you should rely on to know when to switch from winter tires to summer tires. The temperature of 7 degrees is the limit, but you obviously shouldn't change your tires at all times. each time it passes below or above at the risk of spending time at the garage. It's actually around the first days of spring, when temperatures become milder and are regularly above 7 degrees , that it is recommended to change tires. The weekend of the passage à daylight saving time, traditionally carried out during daylight saving time. on the night of the last Sunday in March, is a good way to remember that it's time to put on… summer tires.< /p>

Beyondà In addition to all aspects of safety, it is important to know that a car's consumption also varies depending on the type of tires (and their wear). Thus summer tires, whose finer tread patterns offer less rolling resistance, allow you to save up to 100%. 5% fuel compared to winter tires. It's always ça prize.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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