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NVIDIA just released a new app to rule them all


In a period of unstoppable growth, NVIDIA has just launched its new companion app. This will replace GeForce Experience, which was used in particular to easily update NVIDIA graphics card drivers, but also to automatically configure games according to your configuration.

NVIDIA App, simply

Available for download here, the new application centralizes everything NVIDIA offers without necessarily being aware of it by having a graphics card or chipset from the greens. This is how the “discover” section of the app highlights the possibility of downloading GeForce Now, NVIDIA Broadcast, NVIDIA Omniverse, NVIDIA Canvas, ICAT and FrameView.

NVIDIA just released a new app to rule them all

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It always allows to update drivers in just a few clicks, but also to take advantage of features offered by AI to improve the appearance of games. RTX HDR allows, as its name suggests, to add HDR to games usually in SDR.

A redesigned in-game interface

NVIDIA just released a new app to rule them all


As this was already the case on Geforce Experience, it is still possible to Take advantage of NVIDIA's in-game interface by simultaneously pressing “Alt+Z”. The user interface has been improved in order to take screenshots more easily in game, but also to access the machine's performance information.

A constant application evolution

Currently in beta, the NVIDIA App will evolve by soon integrating the current NVIDIA control panel< /strong> to change display settings. Overclocking options should also be available in the future. NVIDIA App will therefore quickly establish itself as a must-have for users of NVIDIA graphics cards in the manner of the renewal of the range with the 4070, 4070 Ti and 4080 SUPER outputs lately.

  • NVIDIA has just launched NVIDIA App, its new companion app allowing you to centralize what the brand offers.
  • Thus, it will eventually replace GeForce Experience, and currently offers the same functionalities with a redesigned software and in-game interface.
  • The application will evolve and integrate the NVIDIA control panel afterwards.

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