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NVIDIA puts AI at the heart of robots with Project GROOT (and shows Disney robots)

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Generative AI is just one of the revolutions transforming our societies. Another innovation is now arriving very quickly: robotics. Or more precisely, humanoid robots that can carry out everyday tasks and are capable of interacting in a fairly natural way with humans.

In recent years, the pieces of the puzzle are starting to come together for this technology. With on the one hand major advances in terms of power hardware architecture for these devices, namely more precise, responsive, small, and economical motors.

NVIDIA is placing its last pawns to become essential in robotics powered by AI

But also a better understanding of this type of robot, of how to maintain their balance or allow them to get up on their own if they fall. On the software side, generative artificial intelligence has made a lot of progress, as has voice synthesis.

Finally allowing a much less rigid set of tasks, and interactions that do not seem written from the start. This is shown, for example, by the robot Figure 01. Other projects in this direction are in active development, notably Tesla's Optimus robot.

The last part of the equation to be solved being to deliver integrated systems (SoC) that can manage motor functions, connectivity, sensors, while running a large language model as a framework. ;AI. This is where NVIDIA comes in with its Project GROOT.

The founder offers an all-in-one hardware solution based on its Nvidia Thor, Jetson and the Isaac platform allowing you to manage the AI ​​part. A solution capable of delivering no less than 800 TFLOPS in machine learning alone.

Other turnkey solutions are offered by the firm, notably Manipulator, a series of predefined movements, as well as Perceptor, a library facilitating the connection of various sensors. Beyond these announcements, NVIDIA brought on stage two particularly expressive Disney robots, running on these technologies.

The movements of these robots, their ability to spot alone NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang on stage, following him and interacting with him give a glimpse of this future that is now coming extremely quickly.

https://youtu .be/51TYhPJ4zys

  • NVIDIA took advantage of GTC 2024 to unveil Project GROOT and its ambitions in robotics powered by l’AI.
  • The firm offers a series of turnkey solutions to power the robots of tomorrow, including a series of chips, motion libraries and other solutions to facilitate the integration of various sensors into the rest of the system.
  • To better illustrate these new features, NVIDIA showed a series of possible form factors, as well as two Disney robots animated by the firm with Mickey ears – which run on hardware infrastructure developed by Nvidia.

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