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Official iPad Pro 2024: breathtaking, both for the screen and the performance

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Apple has just unveiled two new iPad Pro 11″ and 13” with from the first glance, an incredibly thin design – closer to that of the iPhone 15. The large model is only 5.3 mm thick, compared to 5.11 mm for the 11″ variant. They are de facto thinner than the iPad nano, which is a small feat, knowing that the firm claims to have succeeded in avoiding a new bendgate by making the tablet as solid as the previous version, much thicker.

Official iPad Pro 2024: breathtaking, both for the screen and the performance

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Available in two colors, Silver and Space Black, the tablet is also a technological tour de force. For the first time it features an OLED screen. And not just any type… it is indeed a completely new component in the industry.

The iPad Pro 2024 has an OLED screen without any equivalent in the category

Apple calls this type of displays Ultra Retina XDR– and they are based on the so-called “Tandem OLED” : a new OLED screen technology that we knew until now under the name “double stacked”. Two OLED panels are in fact superimposed to increase the brightness to an unprecedented level for this surface (1 600 nit). All without any compromise on colorimetry or lifespan.

We know that LG is currently the only company to produce these screens at the level of quality required by the company. Samsung, also in the starting blocks, must still demonstrate its ability to produce the component according to the required criteria. And for the first time, it is possible to purchase them in a nano-textured glass finish, to reduce reflections.

Official iPad Pro 2024: breathtaking, both for the screen and the performance

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On the performance side, the iPad Pro 2024 inherits a brand new Apple Silicon chip, the M4< /strong>. This is an evolution of the current M3 chips – which allow 50% higher performance, all with the first 10-core GPU with Ray Tracing (performance multiplied by 4). M4 can deliver the same performance as M2 with a quarter of the consumption.

Performance multiplied by 4

The This chip's neural engine, with 38 trillion operations per second, crosses a new frontier. Never before seen in the industry – which allows, for example, to cut out a person in a video, without any waiting time. Thermal performance is also improved by 20%, which complements the unparalleled performance of the device 4 times higher than the previous generation.

It is, to summarize, four times more powerful than the previous generation. This allows new software advancements. Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro are notably undergoing a major update. Final Cut Pro has the Live Multicam function which allows you to connect up to four cameras remotely and live. What comes with a new app: Final Cut Camera.

Official iPad Pro 2024: breathtaking, both for the screen and the performance

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All of which allows for the first time to edit multi-angle dailies live as in the best commercial video production solutions. Logic Pro has new features that take advantage of AI to dynamically improve sound recording or automatically cut audio clips – all 100% local.

On the photo side, there is a nice upgrade with both a new 12 Mp professional lens and a LiDAR sensor – all with improved Adaptive Flash which allows documents to be scanned faster and more faithfully. In addition, the accessories are also improved. In particular, there is a new Magic Keyboard (€399) – with, among other things, an XXL trackpad with haptic feedback which further reduces the gap with Macs. And of course a brand new Apple Pencil with eraser, called Pencil Pro (€149).

The new iPad Pros are available now on the official Apple website at the following prices:

    < li>iPad Pro 11″ : 1 219 €
  • iPad Pro 13″ : 1 589 €

The first deliveries begin on May 15, 2024.

  • Apple has just unveiled two new iPad Pros.
  • The latter inherit an incredibly thin design, but also a new OLED screen “double stacked” unprecedented in this type of product.
  • Beyond that, these iPad Pros are very powerful, thanks to their brand new M4 chip.

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