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Olympic Games: will cyberattacks spoil the party ?

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Red alert on the Paris Olympic Games. This global event, which will be held from July 26 to August 11, 2024, represents a crucial challenge in terms of cybersecurity, according to Vincent Strubel, director general of Anssi, who was interviewed by AFP.

What can we fear for these Olympics?

The leader thus estimates that this meeting will be « a target for all types of cyberattacks», and constitutes a real « life-size test  » French cyber defense capabilities.

Concretely, cybercriminals could take advantage of this international sports gathering to try to monitor or extort participants and the organizers or even tarnish the image of France and prevent the smooth running of the competitions.

With the development of surveillance technologies (we think of the Pegasus affair and other tools now widely used to scrutinize smartphones), the Olympics can also allow malicious actors to spy on certain targeted individuals.

As a reminder, this is not the first time that Anssi has expressed its concerns regarding this summer event. Last year, Vincent Strubel said he feared “attacks of state origin, in particular against doping control or against timekeeping”. He also envisages “hacks aimed at symbolically affecting the Olympics, in particular during the opening ceremony “by blocking the ticket office, by blocking transport”.

France is preparing for the worst

Far from remaining inactive, the French service has already carried out in-depth work on the most critical entities. An audit was therefore carried out in order to give them the right advice to better protect themselves. At the same time, the State calls on a trusted private partner in the person of the company Atos. The latter is the IT supplier and cloud provider of this edition.

The company's teams have already launched bug bounty, to allow ethical hackers to identify flaws in the Olympic Games' computer systems. Its collaborators also evaluate the protection of the different platforms. If this topic interests you, you can always reread our dedicated article here.

What you need to remember:

  • Cybercriminals could take advantage of the global appeal of the Paris Olympics to take action
  • They should in particular try to disrupt the smooth running of the competitions
  • We can also fear attempts at espionage and extortion. The authorities are preparing for the worst and have been organizing for months on these issues

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