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OM – Benfica: a very specific detail was worked on before the quarter-final return

Beaten à going à Lisbon, Olympique de Marseille intends to rely on the fervor of the Vélodrome and its momentum to bring down Benfica and qualify for the semi-finals of the Europa League.

It floats in the waters of the Old Port of Marseille like an air of sulfur. In the heart of the city, the Vélodrome is still calm but already bustling with activity. the tumult of an evening like any dream club. An evening of everything possible to continue your journey. maintain the European dream.

A week after fallingé &agrav; Lisbon, Olympique de Marseille moves forward confidently towards this decisive meeting. Confident because the challenge appears before you. his height. "I feel them conscious. Aware of the importance of the match come. Aware that we already have it; done in the past. But also aware that we are slightly behind schedule. fill", mentionedé Jean-Louis Gasset à about the state of mind of his players.

Balerdi: "We will try everything"

A goal, that's it! everything the Marseillais need to get back on track with Benfica Lisbon. A minimal deficit especially if we think about the impression made by Aubameyang and others at the end of the match one way where ù they took the upper hand physically. "We want to maintain this momentum from the last 30 minutes for tomorrow's match. We will try everything", confirmed Leonardo Balerdi. Try everything yes but not just any way.

The Marseille defender and his coach thus identified a particular sector in which the Olympians will have to be particularly vigilant: transitions. "What we didn't do well in the first leg was in transitions. They have strong players on the counter-attack, so we will have to be present as soon as the ball is lost", first of all. cisé Gasset who wants his players to prevent Di Maria from gaining momentum or for Rafa Silva and Joao Neves to be too influential for an hour or so. Lisbon.

The shots on goal worked

To develop his plan, the former assistant to Laurent Blanc was able to benefit from a full week without a match, with OM having été exempt to play in Ligue 1 last weekend, like PSG and Lille. A time taken à profit to regenerate bodies tested by a busy and relentless season, and to take stock of the injured. oacute;s. Touché &agrav; ankle, Merlin will not be able to hold his place this Thursday evening, just like Clauss and Sarr normally. If both have resumed training, Gasset will not take the risk of a relapse affecting them.

This respite also allowed the Marseillais to prepare for the next game. all scenarios. "We have 90 minutes to score a goal and maybe overtime in front of our home crowd to score the second", pressed&eac; Gasset. The latter even concocted; a penalty shootout following training on Wednesday. An exercise far from being trivial.

Before getting there, the Marseillais will have to come back from this deficit and succeed in winning the game. wrap up this quarter-final return to hope to reach the semi-finals of the Europa League. "À us to make this meeting exceptional", invitedé Gasset. A message à its players and the supporters whose role will also be important in this evening which they all hope will be memorable.

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