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On the Emma store, the code PC10 divides the price of mattresses by 3

The Hybrid model © Emma

Emma allows you to accumulate benefits and that's very good news. So you can take advantage of sales discounts, but also our promo code PC10. Concretely, this allows you to have the best rates in the last year – on almost all products in the range.

For example, the number one selling mattress, the Emma Hybrid II, drops by 40% then by an additional 10% with our code. . That's almost 50% you can save on all sizes of this ultra-premium mattress.

On the Emma Original, which has long been the only model in the range and which is a little less premium than the Hybrid II, the price is also very attractive: . The one-seater format .

At Emma, ​​everything happens via the website: however, your mattress comes with a 100-night trial guarantee. This means that once delivered, you can test the mattress at home for more than three months without obligation. If it doesn't suit you, you can always return it and get a refund. Returns are handled by Emma via a third-party carrier. It's as easy as pie.

Quality in the spotlight

If Emma has become number one in France (and in Europe), it is because she has worked particularly well on the quality-price ratio of her mattresses and the customer experience. The choice is simple, quick, without commitment: in a few clicks, you can have a high-end mattress delivered to your home.

But her model would not work if the quality was not there: there is a risk that her customers will return their mattress, which costs her dearly. It must therefore be able to offer high-quality mattresses that do not disappoint customers. To do this, it has created two complementary models which are both part of a high-end segment.

First, you have the Emma Original which is the company's historic model and which has been the best-selling in Europe over the last five years. It is made up of premium foams, including a layer of memory foam which offer generous support to sleepers. However, it is neither too hard nor too soft, which suits everyone. It’is the firmer of the two Emma models.

The second model in the range was released in 2021 and since then it has been the group's best seller. This is a slightly more premium model because it adds a layer of individually pocketed springs. In terms of price, as you saw above, it is a little more expensive but the difference is largely justified by this special composition. You will sleep faster thanks to a cooler mattress, and it allows you to no longer feel your neighbor's movements.

When you know that a mattress of this quality can easily last 10 to 15 years, it is worth investing a little more in the short term to have the best nights over the next decade. If you have difficulty getting out of this budget, know that you have the possibility of paying in several installments without charge to amortize your purchase. We would tend to recommend the Hybrid, which is the absolute best-seller today, but that depends on everyone's budget.

On the Emma store, the code PC10 divides the price of mattresses by 3

On the Emma store, the code PC10 divides the price of mattresses by 3

 Emma Original, the n°1 in France

On the Emma store, the code PC10 divides the price of mattresses by 3

 100 night trial

On the Emma store, the code PC10 divides the price of mattresses by 3

 Promo code (-10%): PC10

Our test 1

A mattress only sold on the internet?

Why does Emma only sell her mattresses via her website, and not in store ? Displaying a mattress in a store and selling it is expensive– and this necessarily impacts the final cost that the customer will pay. Ignoring the stores, Emma can sell a mattress between 2 and 3 times cheaper than an equivalent model in stores. For the same level of quality.

So of course, you won't be able to test it beforehand and you'll have to trust the brand. But in fact, you still have this trial period of 100 days which allows you to be calm: it&#8217 ;is without obligation and you test it in real conditions. It’is much more relevant than a mattress that you would try for a few minutes in a store, without the possibility of returning it.

The strong point of Emma, ​​compared to other brands available on the internet, is that you have these 100 days of trial on almost all the products in the range. This allows you to buy sets, sleep accessories or bed linen and not commit without testing first. For sales, with the code PC10 and immediate discounts, you get great deals.

To discover the sales offers, it's here:

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