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On TV tonight: 3 films to watch this Sunday

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You're in front of your TV and you're wandering around looking for a film to watch alone, with family or with friends ? No need to exhaust yourself, we've gone through the program to find 3 cool films to enjoy to end the week in style.

Adieu Monsieur Hoffman (France 2, 9:10 p.m.)

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Fred Cavayé offers us a very poignant film with a top-flight cast: Daniel Auteuil and Sara Giraudeau and Gilles Lellouche. We are immersed in Paris in the 1940s where Joseph Haffmann, a jeweler from Montmartre, decides to send his family to the free zone to escape anti-Semitic persecution.

All that remains is for him to transfer his business to François Mercier, an employee he trusts. He promises to return once the war is over. This was without taking into account human mediocrity and hatred. We let you discover the rest of this feature film from which you will not emerge unscathed.

The red circle (C8, 9:10 p.m.)

This gem of French cinema allows us to follow the journey of a thug who has just been released from prison. He then becomes friends with a police officer and a gangster on the run. All three are pursuing a project that could change their lives: pulling off a heist at a famous jeweler on Place Vendôme. A motivated commissioner determined to thwart their plan will stand in their way.

Jean-Pierre Melville manages to keep us in suspense for 2h30 thanks to a once again extraordinary cast: Alain Delon, Bourvil, and Yves Montand. A relatively little-known feature film that nevertheless deserves to be known.

Hitman & Bodyguard (9:10 p.m., TFX)

In this feature film (which is not linked to the eponymous video game ), we follow the adventures of Michel Bryce, an experienced bodyguard. However, his star faded when he was unable to save one of his big clients.

Here he is then embarked on the protection of a hitman who must himself face a very troubled story. Here we are dealing with an action comedy directed by Patrick Hughes which can rely on the duo made up of Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson. Even if this production was not unanimously acclaimed upon its release, it is still interesting to discover it for yourself.

That's all for this week . Note, if these three films are not to your taste, that there will be other feature films this Sunday evening on TNT, and in particular Qu’qu'est-ce-qu& #8217;we did it again to the Good Lord ? (TF1, 9:10 p.m.), L’MacKenna's gold (Arte, 9 p.m.), We will end up together (W9, 9:05 p.m.). You can also catch up on last week's nuggets in replay by rereading our previous article here.

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