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One dead and several injured in a shooting northeast of Paris

Photo: Patrick Kovarik Archives Agence France-Presse The facts occurred on Friday, around 11:45 p.m., in the town of Sevran, a town in Seine-Saint-Denis located 25km northeast of Paris, according to the judicial authorities.

France Media Agency in Bobigny

Published yesterday at 9:59 a.m.

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A 28-year-old man was killed and several others were seriously injured overnight from Friday to Saturday near Paris in a shootout blamed by authorities on violent turf wars. deliver drug traffickers.

The events occurred on Friday around 11:45 p.m., in the town of Sevran, a town in Seine-Saint-Denis located 25 km northeast of Paris, according to judicial authorities.

When the police arrived, five injured men were on the ground, according to a police source.

Despite the intervention of the emergency services, one of He, aged 28, was hit in the throat and head and died on the spot. The other four, men aged 22 to 29, were evacuated to different hospitals.

According to this same source, the vital prognosis of one of them was engaged: aged 24, the young man was hit by two bullets in the chest.

During the night, three other gunshot wounds were hospitalized at the center hospital in Aulnay-sous-Bois, a town neighboring Sevran, one of which left immediately.

According to initial information, two men arrived in a parking lot on board of a car. The passenger got out of the vehicle then fired several times before fleeing, the police source said.

From the same source, 25 7.62 cartridge cases, a caliber used in particular for Kalashnikov-type weapons, were found on the ground.

No arrests took place on Saturday in midday.

Several units of mobile forces were deployed in the area on Saturday to reinforce a system already comprising local police officers and anti-crime brigades, the prefecture indicated police at the AFP.

An investigation was opened for intentional homicide by an organized gang and attempted intentional homicides by an organized gang and entrusted to the criminal brigade of the Parisian judicial police, the prosecution told AFP.

The mayor of Sevran, Stéphane Blanchet, said the shooting took place in a parking lot near a cultural center. “We are not going to hide our faces: it is necessarily a settling of scores linked to drug trafficking,” reacted the elected official, contacted by telephone by AFP.

< p> “There is a need to bring order and intervene deeply to eradicate trafficking,” he added, deploring that “the idiots who fire live ammunition do not listen to the calls calmly.”

After Marseille, Sevran was the subject of an anti-drug operation “XXL square footage” on March 25 with the aim of striking a blow. 'stop at traffic.

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