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Online bank of BNP Paribas, Hello bank! draws a colossal bonus

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Hello bank! is part of the top three in online banking. Known for its wide range of banking products and services, it offers customers great autonomy in managing their finances. To encourage customers to discover its service, it is offering its new customers a welcome bonus up to 180 euros until Monday October 9.

This bonus is accessible for both accounts – Hello One and Hello Prime – which are respectively free and paid. So you can. The same goes for the Hello Prime – with whom you will also have a discount on the monthly contributions for the first 6 months.

At Hello bank!, everyone can create an account in their own way: some will use it as a simple secondary account, others will make it their main bank. In any case, online banking offers you enough flexibility to adapt to your needs. In terms of cost, the Hello One card is free. Hello Prime certainly costs money (5 euros per month by default), but it represents the premium on the banking market.

What to choose from Hello bank!?

The current account will be the same – whatever formula you choose. Then you can opt for the Hello One or Hello Prime card – and it depends on your usage. For a basic everyday bank, the Hello One card will be sufficient. Good news, it is without income conditions and without commitment: you just have to use it once a month so that it remains free.

The Hello One card does not allow you to have an authorized overdraft, and the ceilings are lower than the Hello Prime card. The latter authorizes overdraft, eliminates all fees abroad (on payments and withdrawals), offers higher ceilings and insurance with the card. By taking Hello Prime, you have a card that has the advantages of a Visa Premier.

If you are a frequent traveler and have a significant budget, it will be much better to go with the Hello Prime card. This is accessible if you pay a contribution of 5 euros per month and you can prove 1,000 euros of net income per month. Please note, with the current offer, the first 6 months cost just one euro per month (i.e. 24 euros in savings over half a year).

Then, whatever the the card you take, you will have access to a common core of banking products: savings, stock market, loans, insurance. Hello bank!, through its links with BNP Paribas, offers a range similar to that of a neighborhood bank. For those who want to transfer everything to Hello bank! and make it their only bank, that’s also possible.

Online bank of BNP Paribas, Hello bank! draws a colossal bonus

Online bank of BNP Paribas, Hello bank! draws a colossal bonus

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BNP Paribas online bank, Hello bank ! draws a colossal bonus

 Offer free and unconditional

BNP Paribas online bank, Hello bank! gets a colossal bonus

 Zero fees abroad

Online bank of BNP Paribas, Hello bank! draws a colossal bonus

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BNP Paribas online bank, Hello bank ! gets a colossal bonus

 Bonus: €1 per month/6 months



Our current account test

Conditions: No income condition

Annual fees: €0  •  Initial deposit: €10

Check Deposit:✔  •  Cash deposit:  ✔

Bank card

Monthly card cost: €0

Euro zone withdrawals: Free  •  Eurozone payments: Free

Withdrawals in foreign currencies: Free  •  Payments in foreign currencies: Free

Cards offered

Online bank of BNP Paribas, Hello bank! draws a colossal bonus

Online bank of BNP Paribas, Hello bank! draws a colossal bonus

Mobile payment

BNP Paribas online banking, Hello bank! draws a colossal bonus

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Real savings and advantages

Until Monday October 9, 2023, Hello bank! allows you to have an inflated bonus for opening an account. The Hello One card, which generally comes with no bonus, currently allows you to claim 180 euros in benefits: that's huge. You have 80 euros in cash and 100 euros in vouchers – only if you make it your main bank. The bonus of 80 euros is automatic for simple account activation.

For the Hello Prime card, it's a triple advantage: 80 euros upon actual opening of the account, 100 euros for use of the banking mobility service, and 1 euro per month (instead of of 5 euros) for the first 6 months. This is quite simply the most generous offer from online banking since the start of the year. If you want to open a Hello bank! – sooner or later – We advise you to do it now.

Beyond the welcome bonus, there are long-term savings. Knowing that a bank costs on average 220 euros per year (according to a study by Panorabanques), Hello bank! is free with the Hello One card. And if the Hello Prime card costs 60 euros per year (5 x 12 months), it remains cheaper than even more premium plans in traditional banks – which can quickly exceed 400 euros in bank fees per year.

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