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Oppo, Vivo: will we see them again one day in France ?

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Last summer, Yang Technology, the sole distributor of Oppo in France, closed its offices in France. Without really understanding this decision, we said goodbye to Oppo at home after an avalanche of rumors and relatively reassuring press releases. An earthquake on the smartphone market in Europe.

The cessation of activity of Oppo in France, and in other European countries, is closely linked to the conflict between the group and Nokia. But the latter did not only concern Oppo, but also other smartphone brands from parent company BBK Electronics, such as OnePlus, Vivo and Realme. Ultimately, only OnePlus managed to do well and continues to distribute its models in France.

But 2024 could be a sign of renewal for Oppo, Vivo and Realme in Europe, and therefore in France. Indeed, at the start of the year, Oppo and Nokia have (finally) found common ground. Good news for fans of these smartphone brands.

Oppo and Nokia reconcile!

In 2021, Oppo and Nokia were battling over various key patents on technologies ranging from 2G to 5G. The legal dispute lasted several months to end in a crushing defeat for Oppo: its cessation of Oppo activity in several European countries. In Germany, Nokia emerged victorious from the long legal procedure after an appeal from the Finnish equipment manufacturer. If Oppo won the trial at first instance in France, the brand preferred to limit the costs and pack its bags given the turn of events in Germany. Since then, the future of the Chinese group has been unclear and uncertain.

But in recent weeks, things have changed. Thus, the return of Oppo, Vivo or even Realme to us is no longer a simple fantasy and could well be an imminent reality.

Indeed, at the end of January 2024, Oppo and Nokia signed an agreement regarding the use of patents. This global licensing agreement resolves all ongoing disputes and should make it possible to bury the hatchet in Europe. And, therefore, in France. For its part, Vivo announced that it had made peace with Nokia in a press release published this Monday, February 5, 2024. Enough to get off to a good start for smartphone manufacturers highly appreciated by European and French consumers. Nothing has been officially confirmed by the manufacturers, but the way is clear if they wish to reinvest in these markets. All we have to do is wait for a real announcement from them.

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