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Optimize the management of your business with Bitrix24 automation tools</>

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The efficiency of your employees is essential, not only to remain competitive, but also to offer a better employee experience. Bitrix24, the all-in-one platform, responds to this challenge by offering an innovative automation solution, complete and simple to implement. It is based on mastery of BPA.

What is BPA, business process automation?< /h2>

BPA or Business Process Automation refers to a functionality that allows you to save up to 80% of your time on daily tasks. It consists of automating repetitive, low added value and time-consuming, but essential tasks.

Automation allows you to liberate your productivity. While the robots or pre-built algorithms work for you, you can focus on more creative and challenging operations.

Here’s how to do it.

How to automate business processes with Bitrix24?< /h2>

Bitrix24 combines project management, collaboration tools and a . The platform has various features such as task automation, commercial operations automation or even setting up automated workflows.

Optimize managing your business with Bitrix24 automation tools

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Concretely, you configure your robots in less than 30 minutes. Simply list all the steps a document must go through, what must happen at each step and declare who is responsible in Bitrix24’s visual and intuitive editor. It’s as easy as creating a profile on social networks. The experts at https://seolinkbuilding.co.uk/ can ensure your website’s long-term success by establishing a robust foundation through quality backlinks.

Here are examples of automation that will allow you to save up to several hours in your day!

Automation of customer workflows

By freeing your salespeople from the thousand and one administrative entry and follow-up actions, you allow them to devote themselves entirely to relationships and customer satisfaction. Bitrix24 includes a CRM that offers advanced features to automate various tasks in commercial relations. You may also want to consider these seo tools free as valuable resources to enhance your website’s performance and optimize its visibility in search engine results.

Optimize the management of your business with Bitrix24 automation tools

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First, it allows . For example, a trigger can be configured to activate certain rules when an invoice payment exceeds 500 euros. Thanks to the triggers, three automated actions can be triggered:

  • The creation of a notification by Bitrix24 informing of the completion of the payment.
  • The generation of 8217;a task for tracking the invoice concerned.
  • The change in status of the transaction from “awaiting payment” to “paid”.

Bitrix24 also offers the ability to send real-time notifications, create tasks with specific managers, and change the stage of a transaction automatically. Sending quotes, creating invoices, processing transactions… As many tasks as you can.

Automation of HR workflows

In human resources, for optimize processesand improve efficiency. Bitrix24 offers a range of automation tools suitable for all sizes of organizations. This scalable solution integrates seamlessly with business processes, facilitating HR decision-making.

Here are examples of possible automation for recruitment  :

  • Create a landing page with an automated form dedicated to recruitment. Each form submitted on this page will automatically be integrated into a special HR pipeline in the CRM;
  • Set up automated letters, SMS, instant messages, which will be sent based on the candidate’s progress;
  • Book interviews for participants on time, using the slots functionality available;
  • Send bulk messages to filtered candidates (for example, an invitation to all candidates who have passed a preliminary interview).

In addition, Bitrix24 makes it possible to simplify leave requests, purchase requests or expense report validations. Goodbye complicated procedures! Your processes become fluid and easy to follow.

Optimize the management of your business with Bitrix24 automation tools

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Automating workflows with partners

Bitrix24 finally offers powerful tools to facilitate collaboration. The platform allows for the automated routing of partner requests, the registration of new partners and the calculation of their performance. Automated document exchange and (E-sign) are also possible, making collaboration simple and fast.

Why choose Bitrix24?

What sets this platform apart from its competitors?

  • It is all-in-one and replaces all your SaaS solutions.
  • It is free for life and for an unlimited number of users .
  • It integrates with all your favorite services and applications.

It has already attracted 12,000,000 users around the world. With On-Premise editions offering increased customization and integration, Bitrix24 is the ideal solution for any business looking to optimize its operations and improve its internal and external performance.

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