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Orange customers will soon no longer have a TV decoder: everything you need to know

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The promise dates from 2017. The CEO at the time Stéphane Richard announced the disappearance of boxes and other TV players within “3 to 5 years&# 8221;. A lot has happened in the meantime. Stéphane Richard resigned from the company in 2021, following a citation in the Tapie – Crédit Lyonnais.

But even with a slight delay, the project continued to make progress. Orange is now offering via its site dedicated to betas, Le Lab, the opportunity to test a new application Smart TV from Orange, the embodiment of these efforts. The idea is that this application, compatible with Apple TV, but also Google TV, Android TV, and other Fire TV Sticks.

Orange will replace your TV box by an application

As a result, sending a box becomes unnecessary, the application allowing you to display the Orange TV interface on a wide range of devices on the market. Progress from an ecological point of view – these “player” boxes, the incarnation of French triple play, have no longer been essential for the use of television services for several years.

Abroad, many operators and ISPs have relied on this access method for quite a long time. It is generally a question of delivering the service to an Apple TV or directly to smartTVs via an application in both cases. In France, some offers include an Apple TV 4K as a player, notably from Free (OQEE application), Bouygues (B.TV) and SFR (SFR TV).

In addition to the ecological aspect, offering TV services directly via an application is a plus for the subscriber, who can potentially find themselves juggling fewer remote controls – provided you have a compatible smart TV. It can also allow operators to market their TV services separately from internet access offers, and to deliver television access even before receiving the equipment, in the event of a transition to a new ISP. .

In addition, it is possible to use the Orange application even outside your home on an internet connection provided by another operator. As part of the ongoing experiment, Orange has established a partnership with Samsung – making most of the brand's televisions compatible with Orange's Smart TV application. If you are interested in testing this new application, it’s very simple:

  • Rendez you on this page dedicated to the beta Smart TV d’Orange.
  • Click on I'm registering for the Lab.

The test The application itself begins on April 8, 2024 and will last two months. Period after which, we imagine, the final application will be offered to more or even all customers.

  • Orange is starting to test an application to receive television directly on your smart TV, and many boxes on the market.
  • The initiative allows ’ avoid sending a dedicated box player – with the disadvantages that this implies from an ecological and practical point of view.
  • It is possible to register for the ’ experimentation via a dedicated page.

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