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Organized crime: a suspect wanted for drug trafficking in Quebec

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Guillaume St-Louis Bernier is wanted by the authorities.

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Quebec police officers are asking for help from the population to find a 28-year-old suspect subject to an arrest warrant for drug trafficking and receiving stolen property. The wanted individual would be linked to the conflict that has shaken the underworld for several months.

The suspect, Guillaume St-Louis Bernier is 28 years old. According to the Quebec City Police Service (SPVQ), he is part of the conflict currently raging between criminal groups in our territory.

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Guillaume St-Louis Bernier is wanted by the SPVQ.

This brutal struggle pits the Hells Angels against the Blood Family Mafia, a group of independent drug traffickers.

Guillaume St- Louis Bernier is 1.70 meters tall and weighs 72 kilograms. He has several tattoos, including one near his eyebrow and one all over his neck, according to police.

The SPVQ fears that the suspect will leave the province of Quebec.

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To transmit information which will be treated confidentially, call 418 641-AGIR (2447) or 1-888-641-AGIR, toll-free. The file in reference is QUE-230803-274.

In addition, Investigators from the Quebec City Police Department's Project Malsain searched a warehouse unit in Quebec City on Friday afternoon.

Several information and criminal intelligence suggested that firearms linked to conflicts between groups could be stored there criminalized criminals, communications officer William Robitaille announced in a press release.

An AK47 type firearm, also known as a Kalashnikov, was found at the scene, as well as a magazine and ammunition. This weapon is banned in Canada.

The SPVQ specifies that for the moment no arrests have been made in this case and that the ;#x27;investigation continues.

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