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Our 5 favorite series of the year 2023

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2023 will have been particularly rich in terms of series. While filming was slowed down during the pandemic, entertainment giants made up for lost time by giving us plenty of gems.

Suffice to say from the outset, it was not easy to make a choice among the many excellent productions that we were able to see. However, we ended up deciding. Here are our 5 favorite series of the year.

Our 5 favorite series of the year 2023

Succession (Season 4) on Prime Video via Warner Pass

I only started this original HBO creation (broadcast on Amazon Prime Video's Warner Pass in France) this year. Great good for me as this production is really of a very high level.

The pitch is very simple to summarize: while a father the head of a powerful media conglomerate is seeing his health decline, his children are fighting over his succession. Greatly inspired by the Murdoch family, this story hits the mark and manages to keep us in suspense during these 4 seasons, the last of which concluded in 2023.

Among the strengths of the series, we remember its excellent actors, its high-level soundtrack, but also its impeccable narration. It is indeed very rare, in all media combined, to see a scenario move from drama to comedy with such skill.

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We get a real pleasure (guilty?) from seeing these Characters evolve over time for the better and often for the worse. Ambitious, this series addresses many contemporary themes: role of news channels during elections, new technologies vs old media etc.

This dive into the lives of ultrariches is captivating, funny, dizzying, and sometimes disgusting. We do not emerge unscathed from the last episode which concludes this saga in the best possible way. All those who feared a Game of Thrones finale were at a loss.

2023 has been an incredible year series-wise. Among my other favorites, I can cite Acharnéson Netflix, which has gone unjustly unnoticed, or The Last of Us (Warner Pass from Amazon Prime Video).

Our 5 favorite series of the year 2023

Silo on Apple TV+

Like Jean-Yves, the last season of Succession is among my favorites of the year. In the “business” universe, I also let myself be seduced by Industry, which follows the journey of young finance graduates in the mysteries of the City, in London.

But my real favorite of 2023 remains Silo, series broadcast on Apple TV+, adaptation of the saga written by Hugh Howey. The scenario, the polished production and the interpretation of the actors completely won me over. This dystopian series echoes more than ever the excesses of our current society. Rebecca Ferguson plays the leading role wonderfully, well surrounded by equally convincing actors. The wait for season 2 will be long.

As not to mention Shrinking, series at once saucy, melancholic and comic, carried by an excellent Jason Segel ? Here again, the supporting roles are wonderful, especially Harrison Ford irresistible in his sarcastic character.

Finally, season 2 of Swagger, also broadcast on Apple TV+, tells the story of a young basketball prodigy who struggles to make it in the NBA. More than a basketball series, Swagger depicts the place of African-Americans in the United States and incorporates real events that occurred across the Atlantic. A nugget that Apple will unfortunately deprogram.

Our 5 favorite series of the year 2023

Strange Planet: funny people on TV+

We talk too rarely about animated series for adults; However, in 2023, Dan Harmon (co-creator of Rick & Morty and Community) arrives on Apple TV+ with the adaptation of an online comic book on extras -blue earthlings, paradoxically much more down to earth than earthlings themselves. In this distant world, everything is to be taken literally. Coffee is 'shaking liquid', alcohol is 'light poison', etc.

< p>The beings of this strange world, which ultimately functions both exactly like our world and is at the same time totally out of step, express their thoughts on life and their feelings with the same literalness that their society obliges them to. An approach that gives another angle, another point of view – often refreshing – about life. Overall the series is less “intellectual” and intense in humor than Rick and Morty.

But he s& #8217;is clearly an animated series for adults, and which will especially appeal to those who have already experienced a culture shock with countries that are culturally close like the United States. United States, Germany, or even the Netherlands. It is indeed a safe bet that you will find many parallels there, which will provoke a few bursts of laughter, always with a lot of kindness…

The series has been available since August 2023 on Apple TV+. If you understand Shakespeare's language well, we recommend that you opt for the original version, which is much fairer in its humor in our opinion.

Our 5 favorite series of the year 2023

Extraordinary on Disney+

This year, series fans have been spoiled. There were many notable releases that punctuated 2023 and among them, some slipped a little more discreetly into the catalog of streaming platforms. This is the case of Extraordinary on Disney+. I launched this series that I had heard about on social networks a little out of spite, after having stopped watching a film that was frankly not great. And that’s the miracle: my evening is saved. Hilarious, Extraordinary brings a breath of fresh air that feels great.

In a world where everyone finds themselves endowed with superpowers when they turn 18, Jen (25 years old) was not entitled to them. Weird, strange… The young woman finds herself a little on the fringes of society, an eternal failure who accumulates funny and even shameful situations. But Jen is determined to find her power. In her desperate and crazy quest, the young woman can count on her roommates who are, we can say, real broken arms (but very endearing!).

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Eight episodes of around thirty minutes make up the first season of Extraordinary. We might as well tell you that it’s a piece of cake and that the series can be binge-watched with undisguised pleasure. Behind the comical and absurd situations which have the gift of provoking our hilarity, a sensitivity and depth emerge from Extraordinary. With touching characters and a personal quest in which many spectators can identify, the series straight from the United Kingdom is undoubtedly my favorite of the year. It can be discovered on Disney+ now.

Queen Charlotte&amp ;nbsp;: A Bridgerton chapter on Netflix

Waiting for season 3 of the very popular seriesThe Bridgerton Chronicle, Netflix offered us a detour into the past of the iconic Queen Charlotte. And what a detour! Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Chapterknew how to melt my marshmallow heart. A real added value for the universe of the series, this spin-off takes us to meet young Charlotte as she is to marry the King of England. One thing is certain: she really doesn't want it.

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The spin-off of The Bridgerton Chronicles gives us an exciting love story, the romance of Charlotte and George being more moving than that of Daphne and Duke or even that of Anthony and Kate. But the real asset of Queen Charlotte, it is a more important political dimension than in the main series. Indeed, the arrival of Charlotte alongside the King of England shakes things up for many racialized subjects. The young woman must still succeed in securing her position and rank. Add to that sublime sets, sumptuous costumes and a vibrant soundtrack and voila. Bravo Netflix.

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