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Paris: a dismembered corpse discovered in a suitcase, a caregiver suspected

On Saturday night à Sunday May 12, 2024, a lifeless body was discovered. discovered in a recess of the Austerlitz bridge at Paris. The victim, tetraplegic, was killed. found in a suitcase by the firefighters.

A macabre discovery. On the night of Saturday May 11 à Sunday May 12, à Paris, firefighters discovered a body under the Austerlitz bridge, in the 12th arrondissement while they were responding to a simple trash fire. In detail, it was civil protection agents as well as firefighters who found him. in a suitcase set on fire, according to information from Actu 17.

The suitcase discovered after a trash fire

The police carried out the first observations on site. Around midnight, a trash fire broke out. signal by civil protection agents. After having mastered & After the fire, firefighters discovered the suitcase in question around two in the morning. After alerting you the police, a security perimeter &agrav; été set up.  The DPJ (judicial police district) dispatched its investigators, as well as those of the criminal brigade of the Parisian judicial police and the technicians of the scientific police. The findings were long.

In the suitcase, a dismembered corpse was é found in the burning trash can. According to information from Le Parisien, it would be an "adult man" &agrav; which was missing upper and lower limbs. The body was complete, but in several pieces. indicates a source close to the file from the daily.

A man showed up. at the La Défense police station early in the morning, this Sunday, May 12. He is aged é aged 35 and claims to be the author of the facts. It would be the victim's carer, according to information from Europe 1. He would have killed him three months ago. The criminal brigade of the Paris judicial police is responsible for the investigation which was carried out opened for "murder". 

Tetraplegic, the victim killed at home bare hands

An autopsy took place this Sunday, May 12. Still according to information from Le Parisien, the medico-legal Institute indicates that the victim was killed. killed à bare hands. Several lesions were damaged. observed. The forensic pathologist reveals a second piece of information, the man found in the car. The deceased was tetraplegic. A version that would agree with the statements of the individual who came forward. at the Defense police station on Sunday morning, declaring that he was the victim's carer with whom he had a disagreement. 60~/p>

From now on, criminal police investigators must analyze video surveillance images to try to identify a possible plaque. #39;registration of a vehicle which would have left the suitcase at the airport this place, or a pedestrian. Indeed, this area is difficult to access, the sidewalk is very narrow. The recess in which was placed found the body is mostly frequenté by homeless people. Which surprises one of them who confided in her in the columns of Le Parisien: "There's only us here. A body in a suitcase ? You give me chills, there. No, we didn't see anything. Yet here I am since Saturday afternoon. 

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