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Parking near a pedestrian crossing can cost 575 euros, here's the rule you absolutely need to know

Many motorists are unaware of this, but park your vehicle nearby. proximity A pedestrian crossing can be very expensive.

The lack of parking spaces in cities sometimes pushes motorists to drive away. park anywhere. To avoid going around in circles for several minutes, some are ready to take action. risk a fine by parking their vehicle in a space reserved for taxis, deliveries, money carriers and sometimes even in those intended for people & ;agrave; mobility reduced. There are also those who stop on a sidewalk or on a pedestrian crossing, forcing the latter to stop. go around the car to cross the road. Drivers know that it is forbidden to park in these locations but do so knowingly. But it sometimes happens that you park your car in a place that you thought was authorized and which in fact is not.

This is particularly the case for parking outside the city. side pedestrian crossings. Because yes, if the law punishes motorists who park on the wide horizontal white stripes, it also punishes those who park away from them. proximity zebra crossings. This is quite new, but since the start of 2020 it is strictly forbidden to park your vehicle outside the city. less than 5 meters upstream of a pedestrian crossing, unless it is a parking space of limited by ground markings. For example, on a roadway without ground markings for parking, parking before a pedestrian crossing is authorized. &agrav; the only condition is to leave a distance of five meters between the bumper of your car and the start of the white stripes.

Park à less than five meters upstream of a pedestrian crossing with no space provided for This effect is the same as parking on a pedestrian crossing. Parking is then considered as "very annoying" because it reduces the field of vision of motorists when they approach pedestrian crossings. This offense is punishable by a 4th class fine in the amount of 135 euros, and the penalty can be up to 39 ;&agrav; 575 euros if the payment deadline is exceeded. The risk of seeing your vehicle taken to another location the pound also exists, which represents there. also a significant expense.

To strengthen security near pedestrian crossings, sites of too many bodily accidents, all cities in France have no longer had the right, for three years, to offer new parking spaces & ndash; we therefore speak there; those delimited by discontinuous lines – &agrav; less than 5 meters before a pedestrian crossing. And all those already there are existing roads will have to be removed by the roads by December 31, 2026. All with the aim of improving visibility. ;eacute; motorists vis-à-vis pedestrians and to allow them to the latter to cross the road more calmly.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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