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Steps must be taken to prevent them.

This is a letter or e-mail that is best read very carefully. In recent days, letters have arrived in many postal and electronic boxes, sent by electricity suppliers. Engie, EDF and Total Energies have written to this effect. their clients. Except this time, it's not just a simple point on consumption and the amount of their bill. A small line slipped through, which must be read carefully to avoid an unpleasant surprise on your bank account. And there is no question here of annual regularization.

In the vast majority In many cases, households pay for their electricity. every month, regardless of the supplier chosen. An automatic direct debit is set up and, at the same time, fixed date, the same amount is paid. The latter is calculatedé based on the estimated consumption of housing over a year, but the sum is paying is the same every month to avoid too big variations, especially during the winter.

Pay attention to your electricity bills: Engie, EDF and Total automatically increase them

Except that automatic direct debit allows you to pay more. Engie, EDF or Total Energie to adjust to their needs The amount withdrawn is their choice. The law authorizes it. Only condition: inform the customer by post or electronic mail at least one month before the change. And many customers have recently received a message alerting them of a change to their software. come.

"Continued à analysis of your latest consumption statements and/or following your decision If the price of your offer changes, we suggest you adjust your monthly payments accordingly. XX€ VAT included/month from now on, writes for example Engie, which, in another version of the letter, begins with "Suiteà a request from you or à changing the statement date meter by the distributor, before announcing to you that a new, higher monthly amount will be charged to you. &agrav; from a certain date.

You are not here the origin of this change? Don't panic, it's not a fraud. As indicated, suppliers have the right to offer you this increase. By omitting a major clarification: whoever says nothing consents! Thus, in the absence of refusal on your part to increase your monthly payment, it will automatically increase to the date indicated. To object, you must call customer service.

However, in many cases, the supplier will explain that the increase was made by the supplier. calculated in order to prevent the customer from having an adjustment invoice that is too high. Indeed, when the monthly payments were reduced, calculated a year ago, they had not yet taken into account the increase in electricity. of 9% which occurred on February 1st.

Teilor Stone

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