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Pay without checking out: how Aldi’s technology works ?

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ALDIgo is the name of the new technology tested by the Aldi store chain in partnership with the company Grabango. In a Chicago store, customers can pay for their purchases without having to go through a traditional or automatic checkout. They only have to carry out the transaction at a dedicated terminal or on the application.

How it works ? In a press release published for the occasion, Grabango emphasizes that this system “uses computer vision to identify and track every item in the store”.

Will Glaser, CEO of Grabango, is full of praise for this initiative& ;nbsp;: “Although more challenging, it was important for us to launch this technology in a typical store and not a store designed specifically for us. Aldi is one of the most innovative retailers in the world, and we are honored to partner with them to offer their customers an exciting new way to shop.”

Same story from Eric Traxler, vice president of information technology at Aldi: “Aldi is constantly looking for new ways to innovate and deliver a best-in-class experience to its customers, and ALDIgo is a great example.”

Automatic checkouts are no longer popular

This launch coincides with Amazon's abandonment of its system which allows you to pay for purchases without going through a checkout. According to experiments carried out in India, it appears that this technology requires human intervention for approximately 700 sales out of 1000! A score far from the objective of 50 per 1000 desired by the Tech giant.

The group, however, has not said its last word and is now betting on Dash Cart. This system takes the form of a classic shopping cart, but has numerous sensors to automatically recognize the items deposited.

Lately, self-checkouts also tend to be abandoned by some customers who prefer human contact with cashiers. On the supermarket side, we also realized that these systems tend to increase theft and still require as much manpower to guide users. So much so that some groups are going back and recruiting cashiers again. You can always reread our article dedicated to this subject here.

What you need to remember:

  • Aldi tests an innovative new system in the United States
  • Thanks to computer vision, customers can pay for their purchases without having to go through a normal or automatic checkout
  • Amazon tried a similar experiment before backtracking

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