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PCQ health spokesperson dreams of free dental care

Photo: Nicolas Maeterlinck Agence France-Presse The PCQ's health spokesperson, Dr. Karim Elayoubi, believes that “the state's ability to pay” does not currently make it possible to cover all health care in Quebec.

Isabelle Porter in Quebec

March 14, 2024

  • Quebec

The health spokesperson for Éric Duhaime's party, Dr. Karim Elayoubi, would like the government to be able to reimburse all health care for Quebecers, including dental care. “I am one of those who would like in an ideal world for everything to be reimbursed, all medical and dental treatment,” he said on Wednesday.

The one who chairs the political commission of the Conservative Party of Quebec (PCQ), however, believes that the idea is not realistic for the moment, due to “the state’s ability to pay.” However, he judges that this proposal could be applicable in the future. “If, one day, we become so naturally rich by exploiting our natural resources that we can offer fillings to everyone, I will make a thumbs up [ sic],” he added.

The PCQ wants Quebec to exploit its natural gas to generate wealth. His platform also recommends that more private companies be allowed to provide health care.

Mr. Elayoubi was responding to a journalist on the relevance of reducing care reimbursed by the State to lower the government deficit.

Care for trans people

The PCQ had summoned the media to an announcement on gender identity, and this same journalist asked the spokesperson if he thought that certain care offered to trans people should cease to be covered by the Régie de l'assurance Quebec disease. There is no question of ceasing to cover care “if the treatment is deemed indicated,” replied Dr. Elayoubi.

Eric Duhaime's party made public on Wednesday a memorandum on gender identity which it presented to the Legault government's committee of wise people which is looking into the subject. He recommends a ban on “irreversible surgical treatments”, such as mastectomy and sex reassignment, in those under 18. Currently, only mastectomy is legal for minors.

He also calls for young people who undergo hormonal treatment before they reach the age of majority to be enrolled in a research protocol.

Finally, the PCQ wants parental consent to be mandatory for a minor to receive hormone blockers before the age of 16 — rather than before the age of 14, as is currently the case.< /p>

Last April, the party and its leader launched a petition calling on the government to stop funding activities “that would expose Quebec children to drag queens”, such as story readings in libraries. The petition had passed the 40,000 signature mark.

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