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Percy Jackson: why will the series be different from the films?

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Tick toc tick tock, time passes, and the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series project begins to take shape. Announced in May 2020, this original creation will be launched on December 20 on Disney+, a great Christmas gift for subscribers of the streaming service. In the meantime, promotion is already in full swing, and the producers took advantage of the last New York Comic Con to speak.

Percy Jackson is expected around the corner

The question now is whether the series will be closer to Rick Riordan's books than the films are. Quoted by our colleagues from The Direct, James Bobin, executive producer, and director of the two episodes explained that his fiction had the advantage of time:

If you have eight episodes of half an hour or 40 minutes or whatever to tell this book, it's to our advantage, that's for sure. You know, the movie – 90 minutes is not a long time to tell this rather complicated story.

According to the specialized media, the production made choices by relying on the elements present in the books as a guideline, and with the ambition of improving them rather than reducing their scale. The idea is not to reject feature films altogether, even if they have been poorly received, but rather to learn lessons from the past to do better.

As a reminder, Rick Riordan had very harsh words in 2020 when speaking about films:

I judge them based on the scripts I have read because what interests me most is the story. I obviously have nothing against the actors, all talented. It's not their fault. I'm sorry they were dragged into this disaster. (…) For you, it’s two hours of entertainment, for me, it’s a life’s work put through the mill when I begged them not to do it. (…) But everything is fine. We will soon fix that.

Precisely, the latter was directly involved in the series project. All that remains is to judge his work on its own. In the meantime, you can always reread our dedicated article which lists the main information to know about this production: casting, trailer, synopsis, this project will no longer have any secrets for you.

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