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Philips has a new OS for your TV (but there's bad news)

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While in smartphones the match of operating systems has not been a real subject for more than 10 years now… in TV the fight remains tough. On the one hand, there are televisions with Google TV (TCL, Sony, and many other brands), on the other LG TVs which have webOS, or even TVs with Samsung running Tizen.

All are more or less variants of the Android or Linux system which does not prevent these systems from being sufficiently different that porting applications to them requires significant effort from the from the developers. So obviously, all TVs on the market are generally compatible with Disney+, Netflix and others – that's not the question.

Philips TVs will run on TitanOS during the year 2024

For a consumer looking to have a system that gives them access to the widest selection of applications on the market for their television without purchasing additional hardware, it's hard not to want something other than Google TV which provides access to Google Play Store and easier installation of third-party applications.

All other ecosystems are more limited and it is common for users to use external Google TV keys, Fire OS or an Apple TV to benefit from a wider application offering and/or a user experience more suited to their uses. It is therefore in this context that we learn that Philips TVs will soon be entitled to a new operating system, called TitanOS.

This is the result of a program driven by the parent company of the Philips and AOC brands, TPV Technology, based in China. For this, they teamed up with Rakuten TV founder Jacinto Roca. For Philips and the group's other brands, this is an opportunity that can give it more control in its smart TV ecosystem and allow it to enter into new advertising contracts and partnerships.

The benefit for end customers is still not entirely clear. It's impossible to know at this stage whether or not it will be a new variant of Android (which is likely), or a more exotic system. Likewise, compatibility with Chromecast and AirPlay standards is not guaranteed. We will not have to wait very long to see the fruit of this announcement: TitanOS is arriving on Philips and AOC TVs during 2024.

  • Philips should adopt a brand new operating system in its TVs in 2024.
  • Called TitanOS, it is the fruit of the efforts of the parent company of the brand TPV Technology.
  • We know very little at this stage, although it will only offer classic applications like Netflix, Disney+, Youtube, and other popular platforms.
  • This strategy should allow Philips to to find new sources of income in services.

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