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Plane grounded in the Marne: two people presented to a judge

Custody measures à view of 2 passengers of the immobilized plane &agrav; Vatry, in the Marne, wereé lifted, with a view to presenting the suspects to court. a judge, according to the Paris prosecutor's office. The plane, stuck since Thursday, December 21, for suspicion of human trafficking, will be authorized. &agrav; to share out.

Two passengers of the stranded plane &agrav; Ch's Châlons-Vatry airport, in Marne, were on guard at the airport. sight, for suspicion of human trafficking. Their custody à view was é lifted, this Monday, December 25. These two people will be brought before a judge,  according to the Paris prosecutor's office, which requests their placement in provisional detention

Blocked since December 21 for suspicion of human trafficking, the plane which was carrying 303 passengers of Indian origin has been redeployed “sticker, according to an announcement from the Paris prosecutor's office, this Sunday, December 24. "This decision makes it possible to consider the reconsideration “transportation of passengers placed in the waiting zone”, detailed the Marne prefecture. The plane should leave no later than Monday morning. One of the passengers was kept in the waiting area. canceled , because 11 hours passed between the immobilization of the plane and the seizure of a judge of liberties and detention. detention, which constitutes “a disproportionate attack on human rights”, according to the AFP. 

Since Thursday, Paris-Vatry airport in Marne has been experiencing an unprecedented situation. More than 300 passengers of nationality Indian, initially en route from Dubaiï towards Nicaragua, found themselves confined following suspicions of human trafficking. This Sunday, December 24, a large-scale hearing took place. The Civil Protection of the Marne had to respond. improvise emergency accommodation. "We have set up the accommodation center with 300 beds which have been accommodated. mounted. We ensure the supply of food and hygiene products, reports on RTL Christophe Jaloux, Civil Protection agent, testifying to the scale of the ongoing humanitarian operation. The airport, now equipped with modern technology, of camp beds and portable toilets, was transformed into a temporary refuge for passengers.

A growing tension

Tension nevertheless rose among the confined passengers, with some expressing their dissatisfaction. "Overall, it starts à get a little nervous. They have been confined in the airport for two days, inevitably there are some tensions which are starting to arise. happen,” he adds. The situation, already complicated, was made worse by the lack of freedom and uncertainty. The authorities, who have immobilized Legend Airlines' Airbus A340, based on anonymous information, suspects organized human trafficking. Among the 303 passengers, two Indians are currently in custody. seen, suspected of playing a particular role in this affair.

Fifty asylum requests

Four liberty and detention judges examine the situation of 130 passengers in an irregular situation. "The airport will be transformed into for 48 hours in a large court. Judges and clerks will continuously examine, on a case-by-case basis, the situations of these people,” declares Maître Pascal Guillaume, concrete worker at the Reims bar on France 3 Great East. This exceptional legal procedure requires translators in several languages, reflecting the complexity of the procedure. linguistics of the group.

According to Julien Mouchette, a specialist in foreigners' law, passengers, not admitted to French territory, face a threat of violence. various possibilities: rerouting or requesting asylum, a fundamental right. Around fifty people have already done so. makes such a request. The next few days will be crucial in determining the outcome of this exceptional case, while the community continues to respond. international is watching carefully.

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