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PlayStation comes to fight against Xbox on its own ground


It's been several years since Sony's gaming branch decided to take the world of computers by storm. In a new strategy to win over more players, PlayStation now routinely releases its titles on PC. A machine on which Microsoft's gaming branch was previously king, but which sees this challenger arriving on its own lands.

The integration of the PlayStation world on PC continues

Installed by default on Windows machines, the Xbox application offers advanced ecosystem integration from Microsoft. Sony has decided to respond with the upcoming release of Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut on PC. The title will thus offer all the available extensions, but also a new dedicated interface.

PlayStation comes to fight against Xbox on its own ground

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Accessible by pressing shift and F1 (or the PS button for those using a DualSense controller), the interface will extend the PlayStation experience on PC by offering find your profile, the list of friends as well as the trophies. By linking the PlayStation Network account, it will therefore be possible to earn achievements, in the same way as on the Sony console.

A legendary arrival from Sony on PC

The last PlayStation title to date on PC was Helldivers 2, which offers crossplay functionality. The ability to play between PC and PS platforms allows you to expand the player base. This is also what Sony will offer with its PC port of Ghost of Tsushima, which offers the Legends multiplayer mode.

It will be possible to chat through the in-game chat, regardless of the platform you are playing on. In this way, Sony is increasingly bridging the gap between console gamers and PC gamers, providing a complete experience for everyone.

  • Sony is strengthening its ecosystem by offering a new PlayStation interface on PC.
  • It will soon be available with the release of Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut on PC, May 16.
  • The game will also allow crossplay between PS4, PS5 and PC players, with voice chat in game.

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