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Please note, it is now very easy to record all your telephone conversations

Many users are unaware that it is very easy to record a call on the phone.

You have a doubt about one of your friends, your girlfriend or even your work colleagues ? You have a disagreement with one another? pay by telephone and you think that your conversation could be useful to you. ? Or you simply want to keep memories of discussions with your loved ones or transcribe a conversation later ? There are now several options for recording a telephonic call. whether you have an Android phone or an iPhone.

If you have an Android phone, go to the “phone" device and make a call you want to record. Once the person you are talking to picks up, you will find the option to "record" available on the screen of your phone. However, you must ensure that the latter is available. up to date with at least Android 9 and the “phone" is also equipped with the latest version available. Conversations recorded in this way are stored locally on your device and elsewhere. find in the same application.

Some Android phones even allow you to automatically record calls from unknown numbers or your phonebook. Go to the settings of your “phone” application. and check if the “always save" is available.

Please note, it is now very easy to record all your telephone conversations

Phones from the "Nothing" should also soon benefit from an option directly integrated into their software. their software. In any case, that’s what the company announced. Carl Pei, founder of the brand. The recent Phone (2) and Phone (2a) could therefore soon record telephone conversations, at any time. without the knowledge of your interlocutor.

On iPhone, handling is more complicated. The Apple phone does not offer native recording of conversations and therefore requires you to do so. go through an external application. There are several on the App Store such as "Call Recorder – Cube ACR" and "TapeACall", but the latter will require a paid subscription to be used.

The other good old method consists of: Bring a recording device or a second phone on which you can launch the “recording” application. . Please note, however, that the recording of telephone conversations is subject to copyright law. the jurisdiction of your country. In France, the GDPR requires the consent of all parties participating à a call if you wish to record it.

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