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Poilievre is opposed to trans women in women's sports or women's bathrooms

Photo: Sean Kilpatrick The Canadian Press Pierre Poilievre said Wednesday that he believes “women-only spaces should be exclusively for women and not biological men” at birth.

The Canadian Press in Ottawa

February 21, 2024

  • Canada

Pierre Poilievre believes that “biological men” have no place in women's sports or in single-sex spaces reserved for women, such as toilets or locker rooms.

The Conservative leader was asked at a news conference Wednesday whether transgender women should be allowed in women's spaces and whether he would introduce legislation to prevent transgender people from using them.

Mr. Poilievre told reporters that he believed “female-only spaces should be exclusively for females and not biological males” at birth.

This position is consistent with a resolution passed by members of the Conservative Party at their convention last fall in Quebec. This states that women should have access to “single-sex spaces” in areas such as prisons, toilets, changing rooms and sports.

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Debates in American state legislatures have prompted elected officials to ban transgender people from using spaces corresponding to their gender identity.

Mr. Poilievre says many of the spaces in question are under provincial or municipal jurisdiction, so it's unclear what role the federal government might play.

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