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Poilievre wants to end the “horror” of the liberal years with early elections

Photo: Sean Kilpatrick The Canadian Press Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre can no longer bear living in a country where “everything costs more” and where “crime is present everywhere.”

To restore “hope” to Canadians living in the “horror” of “Trudeau's eight years of inflationary taxes and deficits”, Pierre Poilievre proposes calling an early general election.

To achieve this, the leader of the Conservative Party of Canada (PCC) will present a motion of censure in the House of Commons… after giving the Liberal government one last chance to abolish the “carbon tax”, the annual rate of which will increase from 65 $ to $80 per ton of carbon on April 1st.

If the Conservatives are brought to power, “we will eliminate this waste to be able to balance the budget and reduce the cost of living and interest rates,” promised Pierre Poilievre, repeating “ spike the hike” and “ axis the tax” (translated into French as “non à la augmentation” and “abolish the tax”).

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The Conservative leader can no longer bear living in a country where “everything costs more” and where “crime is present everywhere”.

According to him, “despair” reigns, not only in the riding of Durham – where the conservative candidate with “common sense”, Jamil Jivani, was elected with 57.4% of the votes during the partial election on March 4 – , but all over the country.

The leader of the official opposition told stories of retired people who are forced to find jobs, such as truck drivers, to preserve their homes, of single mothers who struggle to feed their children, of families of members of the Canadian Armed Forces who have to turn to food banks… “In Montreal, the food bank needed to call the police because there was so much chaos at the time that the food was gone and people were still hungry” , he told dozens of PCC deputies and senators on Wednesday. “We've never seen these scenes here in Canada, and now there's a Facebook group of 8,000 people sharing suggestions for how to eat out of a trash can because there's no affordable food there. grocery store and there is no more food at the food banks,” he continued.

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Pierre Poilievre subsequently accused Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of “freeing the worst criminals and allowing drugs to enter our borders” with the complicity sometimes of the Bloc Québécois, sometimes from the New Democratic Party.

“And their solution is to ban hunting weapons from people in the regions,” he quipped in front of enthusiastic elected and non-elected officials.

Bloc leader Yves-François Blanchet disapproves of the PCC's attempt to overthrow Justin Trudeau's minority government over its carbon pricing policy.

Same thing on the NDP side.

Pierre Poilievre will have to wait before campaigning.

Further details will follow.

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