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Poilievre would “watch the country burn” rather than act on climate, Trudeau says

Photo: Spencer Colby The Canadian Press “His ideology is so strong that he would watch the country burn and Canadians suffer rather than continue to fight climate change and put Canada's carbon rebate in their pockets,” Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told remarks by the leader of the opposition, Pierre Poilievre.

The Canadian Press in Ottawa

Published yesterday at 10:05 p.m. Updated yesterday at 10:12 p.m.

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau points out that Opposition Leader Pierre Poilievre's promises to remove carbon pricing come as the country grapples with wildfires and other natural disasters. He says Mr. Poilievre would “watch the country burn” rather than continue the fight against the climate crisis.

Mr. Trudeau points out that when Mr. Poilievre talks about removing carbon pricing, that would also mean the end of the checks that most families receive.

He points out that the Parliamentary Budget Officer confirmed that 80% of families receive more through Canada's carbon rebate program than the extra they pay for gasoline and home heating due to carbon pricing.

His remarks come after Mr. Poilievre called for a “vacation” from carbon pricing between the Victoria Day long weekend and Labor Day.

Mr. Poilievre told a news conference at a gas station in Vancouver that his “vacation” proposal would reduce the price of gasoline by an average of 35.6 cents per liter.

But Mr. Trudeau says his Liberal government designed the carbon pricing program to ensure pollution isn't costless, while putting more money back into the hands of Canadians.

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“Eight in ten families in regions where carbon pricing applies are better off with the Canada carbon rebate checks they receive four times a year than does not cost them extra for a full tank of gas or to heat their house,” he stressed.

Mr. Trudeau said Mr. Poilievre would remove carbon pricing and such controls at a time when Canadians are grappling with the rising cost of living and wildfires, floods and other extreme events affect people across the country.

“His ideology is so strong that he would watch the country burn and Canadians suffer rather than continue to fight climate change and to put the Canadian carbon rebate in their pockets,” the Prime Minister said of the Leader of the Opposition.

Delete the tax

Mr. Poilievre said his goal was to “remove the tax” and greenlight major natural resource projects to bring production back to what is “the most environmentally friendly country in the world.”

“We will liquefy the gas and send it to Asia to see the coal plants shut down there,” he promised.

Mr. Poilievre was also asked Thursday about using the phrase “climate criminals” to describe people who work in extractive industries or drive large trucks.

He responded by saying that people who make such “inflammatory comments” are trying to intimidate taxpayers. “We see this kind of really radical, extreme, outlandish language from the Trudeau Liberals when they attack people who drive cars and say they want to ban the roads,” Poilievre said.

“Meanwhile, Trudeau and the NDP have no problem importing more products made by coal-burning dictatorships like China, which is responsible for the largest emissions of any country on planet Earth. »

Mr. Poilievre says the Liberal government, with the support of the New Democrats, has set about “multiplying punitive carbon taxes,” while “the vast majority of Canadians are struggling to feed, heat and house themselves “.

“Canadians are struggling and they can't even afford a vacation. They need a break. »

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