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Pokémon cards: how to invest in this lucrative vein ?

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The Pokémon Trading Card Game has been getting a lot of attention lately. You only need to see to what extent the exclusive Pikachu card from the Van Gogh museum has unleashed the crowds to see that Pokémon is one of the most important international licenses .

A franchise that is not limited to its video games, but also includes pillars such as anime and the Collectible Card Game which mainly interests us here. Over the past 3 years, the JCC investment market has experienced a real boom, if you're wondering how to be a part of it, we'll explain the basics to you here.

The basics you need to know about the Pokémon TCG

Pokémon cards: how to invest in this lucrative vein ?

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If you are completely new to the industry or your only collecting experience dates back to your childhood, know that there are a thing or two to know about the Pokémon Trading Card Game before embarking on the adventure. The first cards appeared in 1996, and are among the most sought after today.

Since then, thousands of cards have been put on sale over the years. The series generally follow the generations of games, and generally last 2 years, releasing one extension per quarter. The latest is therefore the “Destinies of Paldéa” expansion from the Scarlate and Violet series of the eponymous games.< /strong>

Of course, some expansions are exceptions, for example being from a current series, but completely focused on a generation like the extension 151 for example. A particularly popular expansion as it appeals to those nostalgic for the first generation.

It is important to know that each new expansion release irremediably causes the previous ones to be released little by little of the new market. This is also partly why investing in the JCC is profitable. You know what they say, what's rare is expensive.

Is this a good time to invest ?

If the madness has calmed down a little over the last few months, the Pokémon cards still represent a great investment. The Pokémon license is still relatively young at 28 years old this year, but shows all the signs of a franchise that aims to be eternal.

To give you some figures and concretely, Pokémon is the most lucrative franchise of all time with more than 105 billion dollars in turnover to date, far ahead of Star Wars, Mickey, Disney Princesses, Call of Duty or even Grand Theft Auto for example.

Pokémon cards: how to invest in this lucrative vein ?

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Thus, we were able to see that the first Pokémon fans in 1996 were today's thirty-somethings, who have newly acquired purchasing power, wish to return to their childhood by collecting current cards or by purchasing new cards. that they had at the time.

The Pokémon license continues to acquire a new fanbase every year, there is no doubt that the sentimental and financial value of the cards is not about to collapse so early. So, if you want to bet on the future while having the possibility of waiting for a return on your investment for several years, now is the ideal time to get started.

Comment estimate the value of a card?

Before even knowing what to buy, you should know that investing in Pokémon cards can be diverse, whether in the purchase of new products or products already in circulation. So, before even telling you what to buy first, we will immediately answer the question that is so often asked, how to know the value of a card?

This is an essential concept since you will need to know the value of what you have in hand, or what you wish to buy. Knowing that you may still have old cards left, that someone wants to give you their collection or that you want to recognize a valuable card when you see one at the flea market, you probably want to know if you Don't you already have a treasure in the attic.

Pokémon cards: how to invest in this lucrative vein ?

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To do this, it's relatively simple. Like retro consoles and games, a good way to find out the value of a Pokémon card is to search for it on Ebay. Then, sort the ads by checking “successful sales”. This will allow you to take an average of the last successful sales, and thus estimate the current value of a card.

Of course, the condition of the cards is absolutely essential, the closer to new they are, the higher their value is likely to be. If you own the very first edition of Holographic Charizard, but these came out of a shoebox that remained loosely discarded with other cards for 20 years in the attic, I have bad news for you…

What to buy ?

If you want to get the most out of your investment, the best idea is to buy displays, which are sets of Pokémon card packs (themselves called boosters), Elite Trainer Boxes as well as rare single cards . They are the essential elements on which you can count on an increase in value depending on the interest of the community for the extension in question.

Of course, it will be necessary to keep all this under seal in impeccable condition, apart from the single cards which will often come alone and which will then have to be protected. Another common form of investment also involves “slabs”, which are individual cards that have been sent to a grading service. PSA is the most renowned in the industry, and determines the condition of the card with a grade on a scale of 1 to 10.

As you will of course have understood, the slabs with the perfect score are those with the most value. However, if you have one or more cards that you want to grade, you will have to be patient. As the service is based in the United States, it will take a considerable amount of time to complete the process, not to mention the pricing. Depending on the rarity of your cards, it could potentially be worth it to grade them, in order to sell them for more.

How to sell at the best price?

For a single card, a good idea would be to have it graded if you think its value is very high. Otherwise, there are several possible sales options. First of all, there are services where selling in person is common such as the Facebook marketplace or Leboncoin.

Here, negotiation is king and there there is a very good chance that you will be asked for everything for nothing. Suffice it to say that it will probably be impossible to make a proper sale. On the other hand, you may be able to find rare cards sold at low prices.

Pokémon cards: how to invest in this lucrative vein ?

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If you think you have extremely high priced cards, you may also consider some auction companies that are now offering to sell Pokémon cards , even if the case remains relatively rare. Finally, lThe best solution in our opinion remains the sale of cards, boosters, displays and other ETBs on Ebay, a platform where purchases and sales of valuable cards are legion.

Unfortunately, the platform takes a relatively large commission, but it still remains the preferred place for purchases and sales between fans and investors of the Pokémon Trading Card Game.

Have fun!

Remember to keep in mind that the Trading Card Game is still a game. Don't be selfish by robbing the entire store shelves, and don't forget that everything is not always about investment, but also about passion.

If opening booster packs to try to find valuable cards is not always a good investment plan, nothing provides as intense a pleasure as opening booster packs for the thrill of discovery! After all, if the market is so valuable, it is precisely because the cards are acquired by true enthusiasts.

Don't forget to keep an eye on the next Temporal Forces expansion which will be released on March 22, as well as on Presse-citron to discover our next articles about the TCG Pokémon.

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