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Police mistakenly attack woman at home: 'I was half naked, they were very violent'

BRI police officers arrested a family &agrav; his home in Eure, Monday. À the end of their intervention which will have lasted About thirty minutes, they finally left without a word, according to testimony.

While the research and intervention brigade (BRI) was carrying out a dragnet operation which allowed the arrest of 17 suspected people data of damage committed on the site of the cement manufacturer Lafarge, located in In Val-de-Reuil in Eure last December, a family from a residential commune near Rouen ;nbsp;had the unpleasant surprise of being arrested by mistake   his home near Rouen by police officers. 

As reported by France Info, shortly before 6 a.m. this Monday, April 8, a fifty-year-old truck driver was preparing to take off. leaving his home to go to work, when he came across a BRI brigade. Around twenty police officers stationed in front of his door, masked, hooded and armed, were ready to attack. break down his door. Man, believing in an error, first ask  explanations to the police before telling them that he had not moved in. with his family for only 3 months. The BRI men ended up entering the house before proceeding to destroy the house. his arrest as well as 'à that of his wife and their 18-year-old son. 

"They put me " knees, hands in the air and they handcuffed me. tells the driver's companion à France Info. Still shocked, she denounces the lack of humanity in society. and consideration that the police had for her: “I'éwas half naked, they were immediatelyé violent and very aggressive. I asked them if at least I could get dressed and wear it çit drove them crazy […]. I asked them what was happening, I was shaking, I was crying. Nothing, not a word."

For his part, their son was also involved. woken up by the police officers who shot him " his duvet, before being handcuffed. &agrav; his turn. The teenager studying psychology, who didn't understand what was happening to him, didn't find anything right. "strength" to go à his exam which took place the same day. Finally after having checkedé their identities, the police removed their handcuffs before leaving, without explanations or excuses, the Norman family's home.

An error by the police, due to a change of address

According to the couple, they left saying to them: "Good luck for the future, çit's not going to be easy". Later that day, a police officer called them for a final check and reportedly said, “To err is human.” ;. For his part, the prosecutor of the Republic of Evreux, RĂ©mi Coutin confirms an error by the police services due to the " change of address of the person the police were looking for call out in the commune. Finding the situation "regrettable", he said "sorry".& ;nbsp;

Tuesday morning, if  everyone was able to return to work or   at university, the trucker has fun to say that he still started by looking as he left his house to see if there was anyone there. family still marked by this misadventure of around thirty minutes has contacted a lawyer and plans to initiate a trial ;eacute;duration in compensation.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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