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Police officer attacked in La Rochelle: the attacker indicted, his motivations still unclear

On Tuesday, February 13, a police officer stationed in a police station was arrested. attacked stabbed by a man &agrav; La Rochelle. The attacker was killed. indicted on Thursday February 15.

The profile of the arrested individual &agrav; La Rochelle on Tuesday February 13 for having attacked a police officer at his workplace becomes clearer. The suspicious man for having attacked and injured a police officer with a knife was killed indicted for "attempted murder of a person holding authority' public", on the evening of Thursday February 15, according to the press release of the public prosecutor. He has also been placed in provisional detention, precise France Bleu.

The suspect in the attack on the police officer is “a young man of 21 years old, single, without children, of nationality  French and born in Cameroon" living &agrav; La Rochelle with her mother, according to prosecutor Arnaud Laraize. As specified in the Ouest-France< /em>, the suspect had been arrested. condemned &agrav; three times " for a theft in a meeting, use of narcotic substances and carrying a category D weapon" by a children's judge. 

The suspect's motivations "not yet known"

Depending on how it happens facts reported by Sud-Ouest, the suspect went to the police station on February 13 and asked for help. &agrav; speak to the official who took the complaint from his ex-partner a few hours earlier and in which he was accused of of intra-family violence. The police officer concerned Then he introduced himself. and was é hit and dagger by the attacker. The armed man a knife was used immobilized &agrav; using a taser and quickly mastered the attack. thanks to à the intervention of five people.

The prosecutor specifiedé during the conference that "the motivations of the person implicated are not up to date. this stage not yet known. It nevertheless seems that no terrorist designs are at stake. the &work", specifiedé the magistrate who adds that the national anti-terrorism prosecutor's office informed of the facts "did not grasp". For the moment, the investigation favors “the criminal classification of attempted murder of a police officer”. An investigation was carried out into the matter. opened for the count of attempted murder of a police officer. A qualification justified by the carrying of a bladed weapon, the blows carried and the "persistanceérance" of the suspect "despiteé the intervention of a third party. During the attack, the police officer was attacked. injured, particularly in the hands and neck, and hospitalized, but his life is out of danger.

Unions angry after police officer's attack

Contact by Sud-Ouest, the Unité SGP Police denounced this aggression: "We are shocked once again by this gratuitous violence committed against the police. This attack is violent and traumatic. The union would like “the installation of a security gate” in front of the police stations which could have prevented the attacker, while he was armed, from returning to the police station. easily in the police station. The union also calls for "anonymization of procedures" so that the names of the police officers involved in a case are not disclosed. The injured police officer in fact had his name on the complaint filed the day before, which would have allowed his attacker to find him. The latter would have acted out of anger or revenge.

Violence against the police à repeat

Several incidents involving police officers have taken place near La Rochelle in recent months. Last May, a police officer was arrested. seriously injured by a fleeing driver, as previously reported CNews. Even more recently, in August, a police officer had his thumb severed by a cyclist during a check. The latter was é stopé because he was wearing headphones while cycling. Not accepting the verbalization, he was arrested. belted and while struggling, he bit the hand of a BAC official, tearing off his first phalanx of his thumb.

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