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Police officers injured in Paris: who is the man who shot while in police custody ?

A man placed on guard &agrav; seen, on the evening of Thursday, May 9 at the Paris police station, opened fire and seriously injured two police officers. One of the officials had his life threatening. Thursday evening.

Exchanges of fire in the police station of the 13th arrondissement of Paris. Two police officers were arrested. seriously injured on the evening of Thursday, May 9, around 10:30 p.m., after a man placed in a car on guard &agrav; view has subtilis&eac; the weapon of one of the agents and opened fire. The suspect took advantage of this of a body search to steal the firearm.

Targeted by the shots, two police officers were shot. affected and taken care of in absolute emergency by the firefighters before being taken to Parisian hospitals. One of the officials still has his vital prognosis engaged. this Friday morning declaredé the police chief, Laurent Nuñez, speaking to franceinfo. "There is a lot of emotion following this these facts which are extremely serious. We are very concerned about the state of health of the population. of the two police officers. We are all very worried,” declared the same Thursday evening, during a press briefing in front of the police station of the 13th arrondissement of Paris .

The suspect arrested after a violent attack

Identity of the perpetrator of the shooting against the police remains identify according to the Paris prosecutor's office. The man had been killed. arrested around 10 p.m. for "attackingé violently, in a building on the Quai de la Gare, a woman" according to the prefect of police, Laurent Nuñez who describes an "extremely violent" on which the police intervened. The Paris prosecutor's office specifies that the individual is suspected of to have "porté cutter strokes &agrav; a woman. The links between the accused and the attacked woman have not yet been established. established.

Arrested, the suspect was "very excited" and the police officers had to use the taser to control him according to the police chief. It was during the search and blowing into the breathalyzer that he stole the weapon of a police officer and shot him before being neutralized by the police response. The accused was accused of injured by bullet to the thoras and elsewhere "seriously injured" without his vital prognosis being affected. engaged indicated&eac; the police chief.

Three investigations opened

The Paris public prosecutor's office has opened three investigations. Two of them were destroyed. entrusted to the 3rd judicial police division, the first for "attempted murder" on the woman attacked by the accused and the second for "attempted murder on persons holding authority' public". It is the general inspection of the national police (IGPN), also called "police police", which is in charge of the third investigation opened for intentional violence with a weapon by person holding the authority public". The procedure is usual, since an investigation of this type is opened as soon as a police officer uses his weapon.

The various surveys must make it possible to "preé specify the circumstances of the facts, the identity of the of the accused, as well as his &eac;possible links with the female victim", indicatedé the Paris prosecutor's office in a press release. As for à the IGPN investigation, it must shed light on the circumstances in which the police officers fired.

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