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Poor collaboration between the SQ and hospitals | Louiseville tragedy: the death of Maureen Breau

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The third week of the public inquiry on the death of Maureen Breau began Monday with the testimony of two police officers.

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A police officer from the Sûreté du Québec (SQ) who worked in the Louiseville region and who once intervened with Isaac Brouillard Lessard delivered powerful testimony Monday as part of the public inquiry into the death of Maureen Breau.

Agent Charles Côté, who took the initiative of writing a circular for the attention of his colleagues to note in black and white the dangerousness of Isaac Brouillard-Lessard, poured out his heart on Monday, during the resumption of the coroner's inquest in Trois-Rivières.

He informed all the police officers in the territory, by a written note, that a dangerous individual was in the Louiseville territory, a first in his career , to prevent rather than cure, he said on the witness stand.

The police officer testified with emotion about a deficient system, which is going badly, and the lack of powers devolved to the police officers when intervening in mental health cases.

Mr. Côté also expressed frustration with the lack of collaboration between the health system and the police in mental health cases.

Tragedy of Louiseville: the death of Maureen Breau

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Louiseville tragedy: the death of Maureen Breau

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He took a few moments to compose himself and says: I'm here for Maureen.

The police officer notably said that he had difficulty receiving information by calling two health establishments which were registered with the file of Isaac Brouillard Lessard. He was only able to receive information on the temperament of the patient who was being monitored for mental health reasons.

It seems like there's a satisfaction in kicking out a police officer, he said, speaking about the lack of collaboration from the healthcare workers he spoke with.

The intervention took place on December 30, 2022, after a skirmish between Isaac Brouillard Lessard and a neighbor of the building where he lived. Mr. Côté and agent Gabriel Ménard went to the scene, in Louiseville, to intervene.

Mr. Ménard, who also testified in the morning, recounted the two interventions he made with Isaac Brouillard Lessard on December 30.

He intervened with him in the morning while he was looking for his cat. Mr. Ménard affirmed that he saw at that moment in the speech and in the look of Isaac Brouillard Lessard that this was not the last time that he was going to act towards him.

As he had predicted, Mr. Ménard was called later in the day to return to the site of his first meeting. Isaac Brouillard Lessard then fought with his neighbor and contacted the police.

The two men finally agreed to explain themselves, to reconcile and not to file charges against each other against each other.

Officers stated that the mental state and attitude of Isaac Brouillard Lessard during the two encounters did not merit police intervention at that time which would have led to the arrest and hospitalization of the latter.

In the afternoon, police officer Élodie Lévesque, who intervened at Isaac Brouillard Lessard's home on the evening of March 24, testified before coroner Géhane Kamel.

This policewoman is the one who spoke with the parents of Isaac Brouillard Lessard during the evening, whether before or after the police visited his home .

Ms. Lévesque said that she was unfamiliar with the procedures of the Administrative Tribunal of Quebec for people who have received an order for reasons of a judgment of not criminal responsibility for mental health disorders, like Isaac Brouillard Lessard.

The coroner suggested that training to better know what to do for people who are under judgment of the TAL will undoubtedly be within the recommendations of the public inquiry report.

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