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Potentially dangerous Reblochon sold throughout France

Sold on May 23 and 24, half-reblochons from the Pochat Pointe Percée brand are being recalled in store. In question ? The presence of the E. coli bacteria.

Notice to Reblochon consumers: your latest purchase may be the subject of a recall. As reported by the government website Rappel Conso, Savoie demi-reblochons from the Pochat Pointe Percée brand sold in Carrefour supermarkets, almost everywhere in France, between on May 23 and 24, are the subject of a recall. The presence of the E. coli bacteria was detected. detected. Consumers who are in possession of one or more cheeses in question are invited to contact them. especially do not eat them and à return them to the store to get a refund. 

These are cheeses weighing 230 grams, packaged in film. Their durability date minimum period runs until June 14, 2024 and the lot number in question is 145184212. For people who already have consumed the products concerned, "sometimes bloody diarrhea, abdominal pain and vomiting, accompanied or not by fever" can be observed. If this is the case, people experiencing these symptoms should contact their doctor as soon as possible, notifying them of the consumption of the recalled product.

"These symptoms can be followed (5 &8% of cases) by severe renal complications& “Egraves, mainly among children”, still warn the authorities on their site. À note that if fifteen days after consumption no symptoms are detected, “there is no point in worrying” “Be careful and consult a doctor”, indicates Rappel Conso. For any questions, a toll-free number is available. arrangement. This is 0805805950, reachable Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. 6 p.m.

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