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Pressure on Ottawa to criminalize coercive control

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Martine Biron is the Quebec minister responsible for the Status of Women. (Archive photo)

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Quebec wants the federal government to step up to protect victims of domestic violence. In a letter sent to Ottawa, of which Radio-Canada obtained a copy, the Minister responsible for the Status of Women, Martine Biron, and the Minister of Justice, Simon Jolin-Barrette, ask that coercive control be added as a offense in the Criminal Code.

The letter was sent Thursday, the eve of International Women's Day, to the minister Canadian Justice, Arif Virani. The two Quebec ministers deplore the fact that despite their government's actions in recent years to combat violence against women, the Criminal Code still does not take into account certain manifestations of this violence.

When the police or criminal and penal prosecutors notice a situation of domestic violence, they will often file charges of harassment, assault, intimidation, explains Minister Jolin-Barrette, in an interview with the & #x27;show All one morning, on the airwaves of ICI Premiere, Friday. That said, there is no criminal offense that covers the entire conduct.

Control Coercive is an insidious form of violence. The term refers to a series of actions aimed at intimidating, manipulating or humiliating the victim.

Yes, harassment , it is a criminal act, but isolation is not a criminal act, illustrates Me Marie-Claude Richer, lawyer and director of the Rebâtir project, a legal consultation service for victims of sexual and domestic violence.

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Blaming [the victim], telling them for example “if you leave, I will take away custody of your children”, this is not a criminal act. Humiliation is not a criminal act. Economic violence is not necessarily so either.

A quote from Me Marie-Claude Richer, lawyer and director of the Rebâtir project

The lawyer welcomes Quebec's initiative, which she describes as excellent news with the aim of strengthening protecting victims and reducing the risk of homicide. You know, 92% of domestic violence cases involve coercive control, she emphasizes.

The report by Jacaudrey Charbonneau

The Quebec government has fought against violence against women a national priority, indicate Ministers Biron and Jolin-Barrette in the letter.

In March 2023, a motion was unanimously adopted in the National Assembly to create a working committee, jointly with Ottawa, to make recommendations on the wording of the bill. #x27;legislation to criminalize the offense of coercive control.

We have found that things have evolved since then, write the ministers. That said, as the reflections continue, we must keep in mind that many women still experience acts of violence on a daily basis.

Five months later, the federal justice minister said he was “open” to criminalizing these acts in a letter sent to Ontario's chief coroner.

The Government of Canada is committed to ending the epidemic [of gender-based violence] in all its forms and is working to close any gaps in the Criminal Code in order to ensure that gender-based violence is eliminated. #x27;ensure a robust response from the justice system.

A quote from Excerpt from the letter sent by Arif Virani, Canadian Minister of Justice

The minister's press secretary, Chantalle Aubertin, also argued, in a message sent by email to Radio-Canada, that the minister is collaborating with the Quebec and other provincial and territorial governments, gender-based violence groups, service providers, academics and other stakeholders to inform this work.< /p>Open in full screen mode

Federal Minister of Justice, Arif Virani (File photo)

A private member's bill introduced by NDP MP Laurel Collins in November The latter also aimed to add coercive control to the Criminal Code.

The text received the support of liberal and conservative deputies, but doubts remain as to how to implement it. The challenge is in particular to find a clear definition of the concept.

There is already work being done get to grips with the issue of coercive control and we thought that March 8 […] was a good time to mark the occasion and challenge Ottawa on an issue that is beginning to have work behind the scenes, did argue Martine Biron, Thursday, on the sidelines of a press conference in Quebec.

< p class="Text-sc-2357a233-1 fnWfaZ">The file is evolving, but we would like it to move forward once and for all.

A quote from Martine Biron, Minister responsible for the Status of Women

Legal recognition of the concept of coercive control may have considerable beneficial effects, insists Me Marie-Claude Richer. This notion was, for example, added in 2021 in the Divorce Act, without being defined.

Before this article of the Divorce Act, there was no talk of coercive control, or very little, in the judgments in Quebec, notes the lawyer. And I will tell you that, for two years, we have had a meteoric rise in judgments where we talk about coercive control.

Quebec urges Ottawa to criminalize coercive control.BROADCAST HERE FIRST.All one morning.

Quebec urges Ottawa to criminalize coercive control


Listen to the audio (Quebec urges Ottawa to criminalize coercive control. 5 minutes 12 seconds )

The Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police (CACP) has also spoken out on several occasions in favor of the criminalization of coercive control. Such a measure would allow police officers to better intervene, better help the victim and ensure that there is a safety net around this victim, says Francis Lanouette, co-chair of the ACCP Committee on crime prevention.

The co-chair, however, requests, in the event of adoption of' such a measure, a transition period, for example lasting one year, in order to take the time to train police officers to properly detect coercive control, to fully understand the constituent elements of coercive control, also be able to name them, write them down and provide them as evidence to the Court.

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