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Professor killed in Arras: the trail of a terrorist act, a

“Professor killed in Arras: the trail of a terrorist act, an isolated attack or a coordinated operation?”

The knife attack perpetrated at Arras this Friday is considered a terrorist act and the national anti-terrorist prosecution has taken up the case. The alleged author of the assassination of a professor was arrested, but his motivations are not yet clearly established.

The essential

  • A knife attack took place this Friday, October 13 in a high school in the city of Paris. Gambetta-Carnot school in Arras.
  • A professor was killed and at least two people, a PE teacher and a technical agent, were killed. seriously injured by several stab wounds. The latter are supported at agrave; Arras hospital.
  • The assailant was killed. arrested by the police. He is a former high school student at the age of 18. 20 years old and of Chechen origin. S for radicalization for several days, he was the subject of close surveillance by the General Directorate of Security. (DGSI). His family is known to the police for radicalization.
  • The national anti-terrorism prosecution announced open an investigation for "assassination in connection with a terrorist enterprise".
  • Emmanuel Macron went to Arras and denounced the "barbarity of Islamist terrorism" as well as a "savage and cowardly" of which was victim the professors killed. The head of state greeted the courage of the victims who, by interposing, “saved” many lives”. He summoned a safety meeting à the Elysée this Friday evening.


The prosecutor of the anti-terrorist Republic, Jean-François Ricard, has just announced that a third person has been murdered. injured during the knife attack which took place in a high school in Arras this morning. Previously, only two injured people had been injured. reported, in addition to the death of a teacher.

France goes on “emergency attack” alert à following the knife attack perpetrated in a high school in Arras this Friday morning, indicated the entourage of the Prime Minister, Elisabeth Borne, reports BFMTV.

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7:40 p.m. – A high school ;en d'Arras recounts a previous altercation with the suspect

BFMTVquestioned a student who was present in the high school during the knife attack perpetrated this Friday at Arras. This high school student, who indicated knowing the suspect “by sight”, said a previous altercation with him. "I already have Summer confronted with à “Once at Parc des Bonnettes, we were playing basketball and I was listening to music and he turned it off for me,” he said. à the news channel, indicating that the suspect then told him: "If you listen to music, I'll hit you." The high school student indicated: which he then relighted. his portable speaker, before the suspect turned it off new. The student then left.

7:29 p.m. – Eight guards at home. current views, including that of the suspect

After the knife attack perpetrated this Friday morning in a high school in Arras, the suspect is currently in custody. seen, as well as seven other people, according to information from AFP.

7:22 p.m. – The days of the two injured "are no longer in danger," says Xavier Bertrand

The president of the Hauts-de-France region spoke about the situation. at the end of the afternoon, at following the knife attack perpetrated this Friday at Arras. Xavier Bertrand indicated; that the families of the two injured are "glad to see that their lives are no longer in danger". Comments reported by Le Parisien.

7:12 p.m. – The detention of the suspect's family canceled by Manuel Valls' office in 2014

In 2014, the family of the suspect in the stabbing attack in Paris Arras this Friday was the subject of an expulsion procedure, and was in this context targeted by detention. The family was then assigned to prison. residence in a town in the suburbs of Rennes. This retention had finally been resolved. abandoned by decision of Manuel Valls' cabinet, according to information fromEurope 1. Manuel Valls was at Minister of the Interior at the time. A decision taken at will. following criticism from associations defending undocumented immigrants but also from the French Communist Party, specifies the media. Consequently, the expulsion procedure which targeted the family had also been canceled. upgrade the arrest.

19:05 – Gabriel Attal denounces “a drama of unprecedented horror”

The Minister of National Education reacted to the knife attack perpetrated in a high school in Arras this morning. Condemning “a tragedy of unprecedented horror which is striking our country, and all of National Education”, Gabriel Attal ensured that that "face to face" hatred, terrorist barbarism, the School will remain united and it will remain closed. "We must stay united. United to overcome this new challenge. United for our School,” he finally called. The Minister of National Education will bring together unions in the education sector and academic rectors this evening to discuss this tragedy.

18:45 – A security meeting chaired by Emmanuel Macron at the Elysée in Paris from 6:45 p.m.

A safety meeting à the Elysée has only just begun, at following the knife attack perpetrated at Arras this Friday, according to information from BFMTV. Chaired by Emmanuel Macron, it brings together Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne, the Minister of the Interior Gérald Darmanin, the Minister of Justice Eric Dupond-Moretti and the Minister of the ;National Education Gabriel Attal.

18:37 – A speech by the anti-terrorist prosecutor of the Republic scheduled for next week. 8 p.m.

Jean-François Ricard, prosecutor of the anti-terrorist Republic, will speak at the event. 8 p.m. from the Arras judicial court, at following the knife attack perpetrated this Friday in a high school in the city, indicates BFMTV. follow on this live.

18:32 – The suspect's family was the subject of eviction proceedings in 2014, ultimately abandoned

According to information from BFMTV, the family of the suspect in the knife attack perpetrated this Friday in Arras had been concerned by an eviction procedure in 2014. She then resided in the suburbs of Rennes. Faced with criticism from associations, the procedure was finally closed. abandoned. According to a note from the Ille-et-Vilaine prefecture that the news channel was able to consult, the detention of the suspect's family was suspended. arrested "February 18, 2014 on ministerial instructions".

18:23 – "Targeting the school means attacking the the Republic”, condemns the Prime Minister

Elisabeth Borne reacted on the terrorist knife attack which took place this Friday morning in Arras. "Face" the terrorist attack perpetrated à Arras, the Nation is in shock,” wrote the Prime Minister. "Targeting the school, the teachers, the agents, means attacking the “the Republic”, then denounced Elisabeth Borne, before bringing her thoughts "to the families and loved ones of the victims, and to the whole community educational, “again so hard tested.” This new terrorist act comes almost three years to the day after the assassination of Samuel Paty.

18:07 – Nine people arrested after the knife attack Arras

In addition to the assailant and his 16-year-old little brother, seven other people were killed. placed in custody seen in the context of the knife attack perpetrated in Arras according to information from France Télévisions. Among them are the suspect's mother, sister and uncle.

17:47 – The suspect had already attacked a teacher

The alleged author of the knife attack had already been reported attacked a teacher from his high school according to BFMTV, this violence had earned the young man then at school; in high school a temporary exclusion. The news channel adds that members of the school staff had prevented "radical deviations" of the suspect and his brothers, previously educated in the establishment.

17:32 – The anti-terrorist prosecution says it has not had wind of another attempted attack

After the announcement by the Head of State on the failure of "another attempt" attack in Yvelines, the national anti-terrorist prosecutor's office informed France Télévisions has no knowledge of a foiled attack. He also indicated not having taken up any case other than that of the knife attack Arras.

17:13 – Another "another attempted attack" avoided in Yvelines

Emmanuel Macron indicated that another "another attempted attack" was avoided this Friday at Limay, in Yvelines. This concerns the arrest of an individual near the Condorcet high school (quoted earlier in the live broadcast). The suspect is aged The 24-year-old was controlled as he came out of a prayer room armed with a gun. a knife with With a 10-centimeter blade, he seemed to be following a group of high school students. He is known for radicalization and is on file. S.


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