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PSG – Brest: Paris drops two points at home, the match summary

PSG conceded; two points this Sunday, January 28 à on the occasion of the 19th day of Ligue 1 face à Brest (2-2). However, the Parisians led by two goals.

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PSG – Brest: Paris drops two points at home, the match summary

Brest Live

PSG let two points slip away in the clash of the 19th day of Ligue 1 against Paris Saint-Germain. Brest (2-2). The first half hour is rather balanced. Paris has possession of the ball, Bizot must intervene on Mbappé from the 9th minute but the Brest defense is rather solid. But after the 30th minute of play, the Parisians shifted into high gear and in particular the man of the moment on the team's side. from the capital, Bradley Barcola. The former Lyonnais finds Marco Asensio sublimely suspicious. The former Madrilène volleys back and deceives the Brest goalkeeper for the first time of the evening (38th). A few minutes later, the Spaniard is still there. the process. He calls on Bizot who makes a good save but Kolo Muani follows and gets ahead of Locko to give the Parisians a break before the break (45th). Returning from the locker room, Eric Roy's team has the ball, presses higher and is quickly rewarded. Camara is at the penalty point and his crushed shot is deflected by Danilo who deceives his own goalkeeper (55th). After the Bretons' goal, the match became poorer. Both teams make a series of fouls and the referee has work to do. But ultimately this false rhythm visibly benefited the audience. to the people of Brest who reach à make up for their delay with a magnificent backheel from Pereira Lage (81st). In the final moments of the match, PSG pushed to regain their advantage but lost control at the end of the match. the image of the red card received by Bradley Barcola in the last seconds (90+4th). This will be the last game event of this clash which will have finally kept all its promises. 

22:43 – The situation in the rankings

After this PSG – Brest which concluded this 19th day of Ligue 1, let's take a look at the Championship standings. Paris remains leader but concedes two points ahead of their runner-up, OGC Nice, who won the match. face &agrav; Metz this Saturday (1-0). Stade Brestois remains 3rd with one point ahead of AS Monaco and three behind the Aiglons. 

PSG has left Escaping two points facing each other Brest at the end of the 19th day of Ligue 1. The Bretons took over the Parisians when they were trailing by two goals. 60~/p>

The former Lyonnais gets a second yellow in two minutes and is excluded by Clément Turpin in this PSG – Brest. 

22:34 – Four more minutes! (90')

The fourth referee of this PSG – Brest has just announced the added time of this match which is slipping away between the hands of the leader of Ligue 1. 

22:32 – Luis Enrique goes all out (89')

À one minute from the end of normal time for this PSG – Brest, Gonçalo Ramos replaces Vitinha. 

22:30 – Chardonnet's decisive gesture (87')

The captain of Stade Brestois is well inspired; and makes a perfect defensive move with a tackle at the feet of Kylian Mbappé who had struck. 

22:27 – Paris pushes again (85')

After the Brest goal, PSG wants to regain the advantage and this materializes on the field. 

Satriano is served on the side left, advances and crosses at the near post towards Pereira Lage. The latter succeeds in a sublime backheel which deceives Donnarumma. 

22:22 – Cramps for Locko (79')

The Brest side stops following the attack. Demb's acceleration. It's just cramps. 

22:18 – Marquinhos and Soler come in (76')

Luis Enrique brings out Marco Asensio and Lucas Hernandez in this last quarter of an hour of this PSG – Brest. 

22: 16 – Lala's strike (74')

The former Strasbourg resident takes advantage of the space that was given to him. left to try but his attempt is well captured by Gianluigi Donnarumma. 

22:14 – More coaching (72')

Eric Roy makes two new changes at the end of PSG – Brest. Martin and Pereira Lage enter. Mounié and Camara are replaced. 

22:12 – Kolo Muani gives up his place (69')

The former Nantais gives up his place in this PSG – Brest with the look of bad days. It is replaced by Ousmane Dembélé.

22:10 – Barcola is everywhere (67')

The former Lyonnais is in all the good moves of his team in this PSG – Brest . He still makes a big difference before Mbappé continues with a roll-up; which is leaking from the frame. 

22:08 – A little more waste (65')

Since the Brest goal in this PSG – Brest, the two teams play a little and the rhythm has, consequently, fallen ;. 

22:06 – The first change of this PSG – Brest (63')

Eric Roy is the first à do coaching in this PSG – Brest with the entry of Martin Satriano & the place of Jérémy Le Douaron. 

22:02 – Brassier also warned (59')

Clément Turpin must still crack down on this PSG – Brest. After Zaïre-Emery, it was Lilian Brassier who received a yellow card. 

22:01 – Zaïre-Emery is warned (58')

Clément Turpin issues a new warning in this PSG – Brest. It's Zaïre-Emery who is sanctioned. 

Brest's domination since returning from the locker room is concrete ;tied by a goal! Camara crushes her shot but it is deflected by Danilo and she deceives Donnarumma. 

Hugo Magnetti makes the difference and enters the penalty area before striking but Donnarumma intervenes perfectly. 

21: 55 – Donnarumma doesn't let up (51')

Pierre Lees-Melou has space and takes the opportunity to take his chance for a long time distance. His shot is on target but is well captured by the Italian goalkeeper. 

21:51 – The good return from Brest (48')

The Brestois are coming back rather well in this second period of PSG – Brest. The Bretons have the ball and are pressing quite high. 

Clément Turpin and the 22 players of this PSG – Brest are back on the pitch from the Parc des Princes to play the second period of this clash of the 19th day of Ligue 1. 

Paris returns to the locker room with a two-goal lead in this PSG – Brest. 


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