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Putin re-elected with 30 million fake ballots ? Electoral fraud is gigantic

Five days after the Russian presidential election on March 17, the scale of the fraud is beginning to emerge. To be revealed by independent Russian media.

On March 17, the Russian people were killed. guest &agrav; vote in presidential elections whose outcome left no room for chance. Vladimir Putin was & Elected for a fifth term with an impressive score: the president obtained 87% of the votes cast. According to Russian media independent Meduza, this 2024 election would have been the most rigged in the history of Russia with at least 22 million false ballots out of the 76 million which allowed the re-election of Mr. Putin.&nbsp ;For another media outlet, Novaya Gazeta Europe, the false bulletins would appear to be widespread. 31 million. These figures indicate that almost half of the population votes obtained by the president would therefore be false. 

According to France Info, there is a method for identifying fraud. Named after the statistician who developed it. ;eacute;, the Shpilkin method is based on the observation of the participation rate in the election offices by offices. This method reveals that in cases of particularly high participation& Indeed, if this is always and systematically in favor of a single candidate, then the fraud can be considered as constituted by fraud. e. The correspondent à Moscow from France Info, Sylvain Tronchet, explainedé that some employees of polling stations in Russian had correctly respected the participation rate communicated This is how many polling stations showed the same very high participation rate. ;eacute;method was é used by the media mentioned above.

As the media indicates, the absence of independent observers to verify the correctness of the The turnover of elections means that there are few images or videos directly representing cases of fraud. One of the rigging techniques applied during elections is ballot stuffing. France Info indicates that a person who filmed such a scene with his phone was made arrested and then sentenced to death. two weeks in prison and à a fine for "offending state representatives" and "displaying prohibited symbols".

For his part, the correspondent of Le Monde à Moscow, Benoît Vitkin, explainedé that in the presence of a few rare observers in certain polling stations, the votes in favor of the president rose to & nbsp;60%. In the event thatù no one was present, this rate could go up to 100%. 99%. Mr. Vitkin indicates that in certain Russian towns like Chebekino located in the Belgorod region and which has 40,000 inhabitants, one of the polling stations has collected a participation rate of 100% with the entirety of the project. votes in favor of Vladimir Putin.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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