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Putting your smartphone in rice to repair it is useless, Apple gives the only effective tip

A very old rumor is circulating on social networks. Immerse your soaked smartphone in rice would allow it to dry out. However, there is a much more effective method.

The rumor is almost as old as the internet itself: the best way to dry off your soaked smartphone would consist à bury it in a bowl filled with rice. It must be said that rice often has the reputation of being quite effective in absorbing humidity, particularly for clothes or rags.

However, this famous reputation is not based on any solid study. Rice does not, in fact, claim to be used for its own sake. to absorb moisture of your clothes, and even less of your smartphone!

It’s a legend that comes up frequently on the web. Just type “dryéphone" to find several tutorials that can advise users to fill a bowl with rice and immerse their phone in it. The rice grains would then have the virtue of being able to absorb humidity. remove the device and dry it completely, even if it has fallen into place. in water beforehand.

Alas, this legend is as false as it is dangerous for your phone.  Rice grains can easily seep in and get stuck to the surface. inside your phone (in particular through the latter's USB port) and their starch can also reinforce the degradation of the phone. #39;device.

Recently, the official Apple site returned to the methods adopt if your smartphone has fallen in the water. The firm indicates that you should not use the rice method, nor introduce small items such as a cotton swab or paper towel which are likely to damage the product. eacute;deposit residues à inside the device.

Conversely, Apple recommends simply placing your phone in a dry place with a little ambient air. You can always try using a small hair dryer as well, but staying away from the device and with very moderate power. The goal is to dry your device, and not to send all the ambient dust to your device. inside. Note that drying may take up to a full day.

If despiteé After a whole day of drying, your smartphone still does not respond, you will unfortunately have to go to a repair workshop or purchase a new one. ;#39;a new model! If a majority Smartphones are now IP68 certified for moderate resistance to high temperatures. water and dust, this unfortunately does not allow them to stay submerged for very long.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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