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Quebec promises possible increases of 17.4% for civil servants and workers

Valérian Mazataud Archives Le Devoir Members of the SPGQ demonstrating in front of the Complexe Dejardins, in downtown Montreal, in December 2018

Clemence Pavic

8:06 p.m.

  • Quebec

Quebec is promising its civil servants, workers and professionals salary increases similar to those granted to the Common Front. In return, he is asking the Quebec Public and Parapublic Service Union (SFPQ) and the Quebec Government Professional Union (SPGQ) for concessions in terms of their sectoral demands.

These two unions left empty-handed on Friday from negotiations with their employer, the government of Quebec. Talks for the renewal of their collective agreements resumed this week after a break over the holidays.

“Although the employer is dangling the offer of a 17.4% salary increase submitted to the Common Front, it has not taken the initiative to formally submit it,” indicates the SPGQ negotiating committee in an email sent to its 25,000 professional members of the public service. The SFPQ, which represents 27,000 civil servants and 4,000 government workers, received the same signal.

Quebec asked the two unions to make concessions regarding their sectoral demands, in particular those related to teleworking or the recognition of years of experience to compensate for the lack of diplomas among certain civil servants.

Government workers are also demanding bonuses to make up for the salary gap they are experiencing compared to the private sector. According to a study by the Institute of Statistics of Quebec published a little over a month ago, their overall remuneration is approximately 26% lower than that of their colleagues working in the private sector.

Negotiations are scheduled to resume on Monday.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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