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Quickly uninstall these Android applications that steal your banking data

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This is a serious alert that researchers from the cybersecurity company ThreatFabric have just launched. They talk about a virus that infiltrates our Android devices through applications that seem useful on the surface, but pose a real threat.

A sneaky virus

Her name: Anatsa. This malware is very dangerous, and it allows hackers to recover your personal data, especially banking information. We were already talking to you in 2021 about this virus, and its installation method has still not changed.

Users in fact install their applications which sometimes manage to rise to the top of the ranking of the most popular apps on Android. Some are supposed to help clean your smartphone, others are PDF readers.

For now, Google has removed these tools which have been very successful in Europe. If France is not mentioned, the threat seems very present among our neighbors, and in particular in Germany, Spain, or even the United Kingdom.

It is so it's entirely possible that you already have them on one of your devices without having paid attention to them. Here is the list of 5 applications to uninstall urgently:

  • Phone Cleaner – File Explorer (com.volabs.androidcleaner)
  • PDF Viewer – File Explorer (com.xolab.fileexplorer)
  • PDF Reader – Viewer & Editor (com.jumbodub.fileexplorerpdfviewer)
  • Phone Cleaner: File Explorer (com.appiclouds.phonecleaner)
  • PDF Reader: File Manager (com.tragisoap.fileandpdfmanager)

Advice about risks

Faced with the ever-present danger on Android, it is important to adopt good reflexes. Never update outside of the Google Play Store. Also avoid installing applications outside of the Tech giant’s store. We know in fact that the latter are less secure.

Aim for apps from reputable and trustworthy organizations. You can also find out about the developer before downloading their application. Finally, one last tip: don't hesitate to delete apps that you don't use. Besides viruses, these can also slow down your phone. Please note that there are also antiviruses available on Android. We have put together a guide for you which lists the best offers on the market.

What you need to remember:

  • The Anatsa virus is making waves again on Android
  • It installs through popular applications and then collects your personal and banking data
  • If you have installed a of the five apps mentioned in the article, uninstall them urgently

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