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Rail pass: a price of 49 euros, what are the conditions to benefit from it ?

The Minister of Transport Patrice Vergriete made it officialé the launch of an experiment with the "Rail pass" for the summer 2024. For whom ? Wù can we travel ? How to get it ? All the answers to your questions.

The Rail Pass will make its big debut this summer. After intense negotiations between the Minister of Transport, Patrice Vergriete and the presidents of reluctant regions like Xavier Bertrand (Hauts-de- France) or Laurent Wauquiez (Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes), all parties managed to reach an agreement. a consensus. Emmanuel Macron was committed to it, the experimentation of the device will therefore be deployed this summer. , but will be likely to experience several adjustments to this effect. the future. "The idea is perhaps to go further " term" specifies the minister. 

A system for those under 27 aimed at &agrav; evolve

Dear to the Head of State, the Rail Pass will allow young people under the age of 27 to travel unlimitedly. with the TER and the Intercités throughout France. Or around 700,000 people according to SNCF estimates. However, this monthly package does not concern TGV InOui, OUIGO Classic or High Speed ​​Trains, nor Eurostars. Its price ? 49 euros per month.

Subscriptions for the Rail Pass will be open à from the beginning of June. There will necessarily be a website, it will perhaps be on the SNCF website directly" explains Patrice Vergriete. The experimentation phase is planned for July and August 2024. According to Le Parisien, the SNCF and the ministry do not yet know if this will be the case. You will need to reserve a ticket to ensure you have a seat on a train. A meeting must take place this Friday, April 5 between the two parties to specify the terms of sale.

At the same time, the Minister of Transport Patrice Vergriete did not exclude that this subscription could, at any time, be reduced. In the future, it will be possible to travel beyond the world. French borders. “Yesterday, I met" my German counterpart, we are thinking about what the horizon 2025 à a Franco-German rail pass to travel with the same subscription of 49 euros in France and Germany" he announced. "We start from a base and we see how to improve little by little. small the device" he concludes.

The Ile-de-France region is not part of the project

The Ile-de-France region is the only one excluded from the project. A decision which has a “criminalizing” character. for young people from neighboring regions for Xavier Bertrand. However, the government is considering an expansion of the rail pass from 2025 in Ile-de-France. For regional advisor Pierre-Jean Baty, the special treatment reserved for &agrav; Ile-de-France would concern the organization of transport in the region: Ile-de-France does not ;#39;has no TER, but RER and transiliens. These are transports used for daily journeys, not for long distances or going on weekends,” explains the centrist elected official in Lib& eacute;ration.

An argument that does not hold up for the ecologist Jean-Baptiste Pegeon, still in the columns of Libération: "The TERs in Ile-de -France are called transiliens, but that doesn't change anything. Even though they handle mass transit, it's basically the same thing: long-distance regional transport . Young Ile-de-France residents will have neither access to the Olympics, nor access to transport in general, they are just offered a place to play. be a volunteer" he regrets. Side cost, the government has already done so. affirmed last March that the State would cover most of the 15 million euros necessary for the implementation of the Rail Pass. Regarding revenues, 85% will go to local authorities, the rest to the local authorities. the State.

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