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Ramadan ends: There could be two dates for Eid this year, and many Muslims confused

Next week, Ramadan will end for Muslims with the festival of Aïd el-Fitr. However, the date is still uncertain.

Ramadan has begun on March 11 in France, for millions of Muslims. This month of fasting, one of the most important for believers and which constitutes one of the five pillars of Islam, touches on the importance of life. its end. One of the rituals at the end of the fast is to pay Zakat al Fitr, an almsgiving intended for to the poorest people, regardless of religious affiliation. It can be given directly or delegated to an individual. an association, but it is not intended for the mosque. The CFCM values ​​it at 9 euros per person this year, specifying that everyone can give to their children. the height of "what he considers to correspond to & conviction and à the opinion of the religious institution ' which he usually refers to.

The end of Ramadan stricto sensu is as for à it is traditionally established by the Night of Doubt, which will take place this year on Monday April 8, on the 29th day of fasting, the Paris mosque. It's this event, organized by at the end of the day, which is supposed to be confirm the exact date of the end of Ramadan for the approximately 5 million Muslims in France.

Ramadan ends: There could be two dates for Eid this year, and many Muslims confused

During this evening, religious dignitaries will observe the sky to try to see the first crescent moon. If it is visible, then Ramadan will begin. ends the next day, April 9. A day of celebration since Ramadan traditionally ends with Aïd el Fitr. If the first crescent moon is not observable, you will have to wait until the day after tomorrow, i.e. April 10, to celebrate Aïd.

The French Council of Muslim Worship has announced already know the date of the end of Ramadan thanks to astronomical calculations. He assuredé that the Aïd will take place on Wednesday April 10, without hesitation with the day before. The organization explains that the conjunction of the new moon will take place on the evening of April 8, but that its visibility will be limited. will be impossible on the same day, anywhere in the world. In this case, you will have to wait until nightfall on April 9 to end the fast.

It is very likely that the Grand Mosque of Paris, which organizes the Night of Doubt, agrees with the forecasts of the ;nbsp;CFCM to achieve à the same date for Aïd el-Fitr. Nevertheless, if ultimately the date of the end of Ramadan celebration is set for April 9 during the Night of Doubt, in contradiction with the previous announcement Because of the lack of support from the CFCM, some French Muslims could be surprised and no longer know who to listen to. In France, there is, in fact, no public authority. clearly identified Muslim woman since the CFCM is no longer considered by the government as the privileged interlocutor. But its influence remains despite this. still important in the community Muslim.

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