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Raoni and his “son” Emmanuel Macron kiss in a ceremony in the Amazon

The President of the Republic visited Brazil. He presented the Legion of Honor to the indigenous leader Raoni.

After his visit to Guyana last week, Emmanuel Macron was visiting Brazil this Tuesday, March 26.  Accompanied & oacute; of his Brazilian counterpart, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, the French president decorated Chief Raoni Metuktire of the Legion of Honour. The leader of the Kayapo people has become an international figure in the fight to save the Amazon in the face of violence. deforestation and for the defense of the indigenous peoples who reside there. 

The nocturnal ceremony was held in the heart of the forest, on the island of Combu pr& Located in the city of Bélem in northern Brazil. An unusual setting for the decoration ceremony that is usually held at the Elysée Palace & Paris. After having awarded the title of officer of the Legion of Honor to Chief Raoni, the latter held tight to his command. Mr. Macron in his arms. The French President greeted the investment of the 90-year-old indigenous leader: "You never stopped, you never stopped&quot ;. 

Emmanuel Macron also declared : "Yes Raoni, you woreé this fight perhaps even further than others (…). Very modestly I wanted to say that we will continue to do so. lead him à your sides. This &agrav; to which leader Raoni replied: "I consider Lula as my brother, Macron as my son". Before calling the two presidents & further support the Amazon cause to ensure "more indigenous lands" to indigenous peoples.

During this ceremony, Chief Raoni also called the two leaders à support him "to win the Nobel Peace Prize". The Kayapo chief is in fact regularly cited in among the potential candidates for the Nobel Peace Prize. President Lula replied: "I can tell you, comrade Raoni, that he'# 39;There is no one on planet Earth who deserves to win the Nobel Peace Prize more than you. The indigenous leader maintains good relations with the current president of Brazil, unlike others. his predecessor, Jair Bolsonaro, whom the Kayapo leader had accused of of "crimes against humanity" before the International Criminal Court. Chief Raoni had gone to the village. the inauguration ceremony of President Lula last year.

Teilor Stone

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