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Rappers Bigflo & Oli uses AI for their new music video, and it’s a debate

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Artificial intelligence is everywhere. If it can predict death or compose music, AI is increasingly interfering in our daily lives, capable of answering our questions or even summarizing a text. For several months, progress in artificial intelligence has been considerable. It’s both fascinating and disturbing.

Obviously, the rise of artificial intelligence is debated. Particularly in the artistic world. Platforms like Midjourney and DALL-E are capable of generating photos and visuals while Sora, OpenAI's new tool, creates ultra-realistic videos from scratch. To get there ? Simply enter a text request. Rudely simple… So simple that many artists fear for their profession and question the ethics of AI in the creative field. Indeed, the AI ​​is not truly creative, given that it relies on the works of many artists to produce.

The rappers Bigflo & amp; Oli has just added fuel to the fire. This Sunday, March 24, they published their new music video on YouTube. So far, nothing too serious. But the two artists clarified that the clip for ça va much trop vite was entirely produced by artificial intelligence…

< h2>The use of AI to denounce ?

In the description, Bigflo & Oli announces that they have voluntarily used artificial intelligence. It's going way too fastspeaks of the ever-increasing advances of humanity. In this sense, relying on AI to create the clip for this piece made sense for the two brothers from Toulouse, in order to “question the future of the artist in the middle of all that”.

Thus, the AI ​​software used by Bigflo & Oli has generated 49225 images since the words of It’s going way too fast”. For a little over 4 minutes, we discover a sequence of images generated by artificial intelligence while the two rappers talk to us about humanity and what probably awaits us if we continue at this pace.

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Revealing a clip entirely generated by artificial intelligence is a way to denounce and question our practices. Indeed, relying on AI to produce this clip makes sense given the themes addressed by the piece. But Internet users see this initiative as a real clumsiness on the part of the rappers. Wanting to point out a problem by fueling it did not sit well with many people on social media.

To follow this idea through, it would be relevant for the two brothers to release a second music video for It's going way too fast, this time made by real artists. In this way, they could show the differences and highlight that artistically speaking, AI is not truly creative. Because what is criticized against artificial intelligence is the difficulty of attributing authorship which machine-learning tools draw inspiration from to generate their visuals.

At present, the latest music video from Bigflo & Oli has 208,000 views on YouTube.

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