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RCMP faces lawsuit $2.5 million

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Montreal's Chinatown will lose its only community center, with its eventual closure, because the banking institution that holds the mortgage on the building would not wish to be associated with the RCMP investigation.

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The Chinese Family Service of Greater Montreal and the Sino-Québec Center of the South Shore announce the filing of a civil suit for $2.5 million against the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), for having alleged that they would be clandestine Chinese “police stations”.

Since they were publicly named by the RCMP as subjects of investigation on March 9, these only two Chinese community centers in Quebec say they have suffered funding cuts, leading to the elimination of essential services and programs.

We are seeking $2.5 million for the defamatory comments made by the RCMP. Comments which completely ruined the reputation that they had spent 50 years and 30 years building for the services provided to the Chinese community.

A quote from Me Maryse Lapointe, civil lawyer for the two Chinese community centers< /blockquote>

The pursuers cited as an example, during a press conference which took place with all the speakers in French, the building of the Chinese Family Service of Greater Montreal, which is threatened with closing its doors. . The banking institution holding the mortgage on the building has reportedly announced its intention not to renew the mortgage contract next March, so as not to be associated with the RCMP criminal investigation.

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Representatives of the Chinese community of Greater Montreal announced during a joint press briefing Friday in Montreal that the RCMP was being sued for defamatory comments.

The RCMP is also being asked to publicly retract the fact that my clients are clandestine Chinese police stations. And to present a formal apology.

A quote from Me Maryse Lapointe, civil lawyer for the two Chinese community centers

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Me Maryse Lapointe is a civil lawyer for the two Chinese community centers.

A few months after identifying the two Chinese community centers in Greater Montreal, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police returned to the charge by announcing that they had closed at least three Chinese police stations that were operating clandestinely in Canada.

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The federal police then specified that the targeted posts were located in Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia, without specifying whether they had made any arrests.

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The Wenzhou Friendship Society, in Richmond, a suburb of Vancouver, is the target of the RCMP investigation into alleged Chinese “police stations”.

Several Chinese communities, including those in Quebec, said they were victims of a campaign of persecution and smearing.

Since the RCMP allegations, we have lost over 60% of our Chinese Family Services grant. And for Sino-Québec, it’s 25% of their funding. So, we lost our French course which included 20 groups for 600 students. We also lost our employment program for newcomers, says Xixi Li, general director of Chinese Family Services of Greater Montreal and the Center Sino-Québec de Rive-Sud.

She affirms that these examples are the consequences of the cancellation of funding from the Quebec government to aid programs for immigrants which were granted before the RCMP's statements last March.

To date, no criminal evidence has been presented publicly by the RCMP. No arrests or charges are known either.

For its part, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police had still not reacted to the filing of this civil suit at the time of writing.

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